TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

What your beer preference says about you

The TODAY anchors chat about what it means about your personality if you prefer light beer over dark, and reveal the list of the states that drink the most and least amount of beer.

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>> much beer does your state drink ? just in time for july 4th , a new survey that estimates nearly 100 million of us will be drinking beer responsibly this independence day . where does your state stack up? montana guzzles enough to earn third place right behind new hampshire, the top beer drinking state is north dakota .

>> of course.

>> north dakota . the real surprise, though, is who drinks the least. those who live in the tristate area , new york, new jersey, and connecticut, literally mean it it when we say bottoms up. probably no surprise that utah is the driest of the 50 states and then the nation's capital.

>> we're right there at the bottom, the tristate area .

>> i'm surprised, baseded on my small sample set of friends, that we're that low.

>> i'm the designated co-host today.

>> i'm going to stay in charge of the desk.

>> you guys are going to taste this and see which ones you like. the glasses make for a different tasting beer.

>> i think that's true. this is more of a pillsner glass.

>> i'm reaching for the darkest one. that's good stuff.

>> that's america in a glass there, budweiser.

>> this is american, but it's microbrew. i love it.

>> you're going to take up this mug. i think this is the light stuff.

>> this is, i think, budweiser.

>> this is the bud? is

>> so what does your beer say about you? apparently, there's a new survey that says you can actually -- i don't know if this is real or not. but light beer drinkers --

>> if you prefer a more full flavored beer. you two keep drinking. you just may be sensible and grounded but quick to challenge authority as well as politically moderate. folks that are more particular about their beers, the craft beer drinkers.

>> that's me.

>> they are extroverts and intellectual liqueurius and politically more liberal. if you do abstain, you're probably respectful of tradition, see issues in black and white , and you're politically conservative .

>> that's you, except full of tradition.

>> they nailed you.

>> yeah, they did. we're going to have a chugging contest on the break.

>> i don't like to think too much about what it says about me. i just like to see the bottom of the glass at the end of it. and that's what is trending today.

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