TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

July 4 sales: Clothing, furniture and more

TODAY consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman shares some of the must-get deals during this hot holiday sale week, including summer apparel, outdoor furniture and electronics.

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>> head out for your festivities on july 4th , you might want to go p shoishopping, hit up some of the sales. we've got janice lieberman, consumer expert on the plaza. you've got great bargains on a day i wouldn't think of a shopping day.

>> this is great because it's four days long, starts on a thursday, goes through sunday. good weekend for shopping. if you haven't gotten a grill, great day to get it.

>> i'm in the market for a grill.

>> thake it home. this is from sears. four burners, $270. if you're not doing the gas grill , charcoal is on sale at home depot . also in the market for chairs?

>> a place to hang out. this is nice.

>>, and it went from $500 to $300. called a cafe set. very cute.

>> very cute. i like that.

>> now, i love these. these are 60% off. this is an indirect smoker.

>> for the grill?

>> yeah, for the grill. and this is a decanter, $30. $9 for a stuffed vegetable cart. they're great house warming gifts for that price. they're very different, very cool. you need to have the right garb. you could fit into one of these bikinis just fine.

>> that would not be a good idea, trust me.

>> or cover-up.

>> maybe cover-up.

>> these are from macy's, and they're up to 50% off. the towels also $20. big name designers, martha stewart .

>> this is great because summer is just getting into swing and stuff is already on sale.

>> can't forget about the men., $70.

>> this looks like willie to me, the flowered ones.

>> old navy online, everything 30% off. i stocked up for my kids at school. kohl', up to 50% off on sandals. all cool stuff. even if you're going to save it for a trip, buy it it now.

>> how much off?

>> 50%.

>> and electronics?

>> you wouldn't think so, but electronics. this is the cutest little nikon, $100. laptops are on sale. and apple, if you register with and you're a student, you get $100 off. apple never goes on sale. this is a great smart tv for $1,300 by samsung. 60 is the new 42.

>> janice lieberman.

>> happy 4th to you.

>> thank you, darling.

>> we're back after your local news. stay with us.