TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

TSA shares confiscated items via Instagram

A new Transportation Security Administration Instagram account is documenting some of the outrageous items people attempt to take on airplanes, including handguns, a grenade and a bayonet.

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>>> on instagram, sharpening its image. the tsa has launched a new account sharing its latest items confiscated from fellow flyers. folks apparently thought a bayonette, a throwing knife, a dagger, and a grenade would get past the tsa screeners. somebody else thought they could bring a loaded handgun in their carry-on bag. what would you guess this is? it's a stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes .

>> it's not there yet. where's the picture? it looks like a pack of cigarettes .

>> let's see the next one. where's the pack of cigarettes ? no. it's another gun. what would the 4th of july be without fireworks as the agency wrote in its post? fireworks don't fly. u.s. security officials have noted a 30% increase this year in the number of passengers trying to board planes with guns. my question is two parts. first, who owns a grenade? is just personal grenade. two, who tries to bring it on an airplane? a commercial flight .

>> is foforgot i had that grenade in my bag.

>> we should note the tsa is not stopping and instagraming while the lines are going on. hey, willie, take a shot of that.

>> that's the public relations department.