TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

TODAY anchors share favorite July 4 traditions

Willie Geist, Kate Snow and Thomas Roberts share their favorite childhood memories of Independence Day – and what they have planned to celebrate this year.

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>>> lot of ways to celebrate the fourth. we thought we'd share some of ours. kate, what are you doing?

>> when i grew up in albany, new york, we used to go to fireworks over the egg, people know what i'm talking about, the capitol of new york. now we celebrate on long island sound on the water, i have two kids 7 and 10. that's me as a kid, right in the middle there. that's a nice haircut, right? oh, god, that one's bad. that's me on the right. let's show my own kids.

>> no, let's linger on those.

>> that's my daughter and her friend katie. we watch on the beach. it's so fun, just a great night. good old fashioned -- my son digs a hole in the sand to put his little blanket. beautiful stuff.

>> that's america right there. my childhood memories are almost exactly the same as yours. i grew up in new jersey. there was a big place in richards, new jersey, called veterans field . everyone would lay out a blanket, look up at the sky, and wait for it to get dark. just a great community experience.

>> i was just a little south of you guys growing up in baltimore.

>> there's my embarrassing childhood photo.

>> that's not so bad.

>> there's my little sister . that's an updated.

>> good looking group. like i was saying, i grew up in baltimore. what we'd do as kids, we had bike parades in the neighborhood. my sister and i would decorate the bikes.

>> red, white, and blue.

>> that's me in a tank top.

>> oh, look at the bikes. that's so cute.

>> that was us as kids. now as family, we go away on a vacation normally at this time, but work calls this time so i can't be there. i wore it in honor of my grandfather. july 4th reminds me of granddads. i wore the cuff link of one granddad. the grandfather will always flip you the sparkler or the