TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

Healthier swaps to sugar-filled coffee drinks

Arthur Bovino from The Daily Meal shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how you can make healthier choices when picking up your cup of morning joe, such as choosing an iced skinny mocha instead of a caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks and iced latte instead of a caramel coffee coolatta from Dunkin’ Donuts.

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>>> you know how it goes, you're out running errands all day or feeling the afternoon slump at the office and all you need is a fix from your local coffee shop .

>> before you grab one, check this out, a list of drinks that can do your diet in, and the choice you should make when you're counting calories. the site's executive editor is arthur. i knew he was coming.

>> stop it, they said he was coming. good to see you.

>> these drinks can really kill your diet, no question.

>> absolutely. we've got some healthy options for your unhealthier options here. let's take a look. we're going to play a little game.

>> we like games.

>> whoever comes in first will tell the calorie difference for the different drinks.

>> this is our buzzer, coffee beans in a can.

>> starbucks ribbon crunch frappuccino and the iced skinny mocha. what's the calorie difference, do you think?

>> 400 calories.

>> very good, almost, 460 calories.

>> what's wrong! that wasn't right. that was incorrect.

>> it's incorrect. i agree with hoda. how many was it, 460 i was going to say it, but nobody gave me a chance.

>> i'm sorry, hoda. i'm sorry.

>> moving on.

>> here we have the dunkin' donuts caramel -- frozen caramel coffee and iced caramel coffee light. what's the difference?

>> i'm going to let you guess.

>> i'm going to guess 350.

>> you have gotten close, but not there.

>> oh, no, i get the point because you were wrong. now it's even! what is it?

>> 430.

>> mcdonald's frappe chocolate chip and iced coffee with french vanilla syrup.

>> why did you shake?

>> for fun, i like to see my arms flap. 600.

>> that was ridiculous.

>> go ahead.

>> no, i won. she guessed wrong.

>> you're actually close to the amount of calories that the whole drink has. it's 630 calories, which is the highest calorie for any of these here.

>> this one? that's crazy.

>> the alternative is 120 calories.

>> it's, like, 500 or something.

>> educatively close.

>> here's the car met frappe and smooth roasted iced coffee .

>> go ahead, hoda.

>> i'm not shaking, if you get it wrong you don't get the point. 400.

>> okay. and that would be close, but not quite there. 510.

>> without the caramel, though, it would be all right, right?

>> any of these, if you take the caramel or the whipped cream --

>> or the chocolate.

>> which one is better? clearly, that one.

>> if you go with the buzz words here, take those off, lata, chilled, supreme, cap, these are going to be higher.

>> tell us the calorie difference.

>> horton's, we have the mocha iced cap with cream and iced mocha with skim milk, difference in calories is 340 calories.

>> those add up, baby.

>> sprinkles will kill you.

>> frozen birthday cake latte and skinny iced mocha, difference here is 330 calories.

>> thank you, healthy options.

>> you have a chance to