TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

Funny photo of little boy ‘exploring’ Betty Boop

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off a few of the hilarious photos you sent in, such as a little boy reaching for the chest on a Betty Boop statue and a sign that offers “pre-cremation” if you desire.

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>>> it is wines day wednesday and you know what that means.

>> what the what? time to check out all those whacky photos that made you do a double take. sara, what you got, hundred?

>> couple cute ones. first right to the caption contest winner from last week. we showed you this photo , and the winning caption, you have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and when just to bite the table and say nothing.

>> cute!

>> okay, moving on to our first photo from kate barclay in houston, texas.

>> that is hysterical.

>> can you really blame him?

>> no, he's hungry.

>> mama, mama.

>> pat curry submitted this photo .

>> look at her face, that's what's so funny.

>> the next photo is -- okay, end roadway, needed that sign there. definitely needed that sign.

>> wouldn't have been clear otherwise.

>> absolutely not. next up, a photo from nikki meyers from cumming, georgia.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> i can do that, you're not so cute.

>> that cat is huge.

>> that cat is chubby. meow.

>> and finally, from miami, florida, this photo , pre-need cremation.

>> what does that --

>> exactly. consult before you're cremated?

>> where are we, a funeral place?

>> we have no idea why you'd need to pre-need.

>> this is the worst part down at the bottom, immediate distanc assistance.

>> that doesn't go well.

>> here's the new photo for next week's caption contest. this is from barbara sweet.

>> lola, very, very sweet. sorry, you put a dog and a kid in the same picture --

>> and you win.

>> that's what we're going for here.

>> thank you, doll.

>> you can go to our facebook page and submit your photos.