TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

KLG: Composite of royal baby looks like Ellen

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look at a photo from a South African geneticist who has come up with a composite of what Will and Kate’s baby could look like. Hoda is quite excited about the royal baby, but KLG thinks people should get a life.

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>>> hey, everybody, it's wednesday wines day, it's july 3rd , one day before the big bash.

>> i wonder if it's a shortened week for a lot of people.

>> i doubt anybody's coming -- tomorrow it's july 4th . they are taking a half day maybe today to get ahead of the ball.

>> right.

>> you're going to be --

>> in it thick. where are you going to watch the fireworks?

>> from our backyard, which is a perfect spot. it's going to be fun. so far it's just me and frank and the dog.

>> how does that sound?

>> that sounds kind of good, actually. the older you get, the better it sounds. you know, i wanted to let everybody know that's going, if you happen to see hoda out and about, she truly does not like you to make eye contact with her.

>> what are you talking about?

>> and if you speak to her, please call her ms. kotb and don't look her in the eye. by the way, you know the great bookstore we love there? i'm doing a book signing there on saturday.

>> don't look her in the eye!

>>> we have some breaking news about alec baldwin . alec baldwin has made a statement. he says he will never, ever tweet again, and he would, quote, love to quit acting.

>> which we've heard from him before.

>> both things.

>> i don't remember the tweet thing. he does take down his account, doesn't he?

>> this all stemmed from --

>> i want to do something so outrageous, i want to take down my twitter account.

>> he, clearly, has some issues. when he was at james gandolfini 's funeral with his wife, somebody wrote his wife was tweeting during the funeral, which was not the case. anyway, so he decided when he found out this guy was saying these things, to write some tweets. we looked at all of them in a row, which had been taken down. every couple of minutes he tweets a really nasty thing to this guy. i mean, they happen over the course of probably five minutes, and some of them are pretty -- we can't even say them on the air.

>> no.

>> but they are, you know, nasty. he says they are not homophobic. there's argue one of them clearly is. anyway, he apologized to glad, glad said they were fine with it. anyways, he also wants to stop acting so his child that's upcoming will not be in the spotlight and have to deal with everything. what do you think of this?

>> the one thing he's really, really good at is acting.

>> yeah, he's great at it.

>> even people who are not fans of alec 's behavior all agree this is a brilliantly talented man.

>> right.

>> here's the thing i know about actors, there's always another actor to take somebody's place. people retire all the time and then come back. what most actors cannot stand is passing up on a great script, you know, you don't want to act anymore when you're exhausted until that great script comes along and a chance to work with meryl streep or a director, it's complicated --

>> greatest romantic comedies ever. i love the scene when he's eating the ice cream with his shirt off. i love that scene.

>> lying on the bed. it's just -- you know what i saw the other day, too, i know it's about alec . i love everything that meryl does. meryl and i are very tight. mom, you've got to see " hope springs ." finally watched it the other night. i went, oh, my gosh, so much fun to see actors like that, meryl and tommy lee jones at the top of their game in a really adult film , just smart, grownup film.

>> yes.

>> it's grownup.

>> really relatable, by the way.

>> yes, yes, yes. i looked over, cass, i hope you don't think this is me and your dad, you know, she just knew i'd love the film. highly recommend that. but back to alec .

>> anyway, he did tell " vanity fair " he'd like the idea of being out of the public spotlight.

>> i don't think he's going to make as much money doing anything else. you're going to miss that. that affords a very nice lifestyle, and it would be interesting, because his new wife, whom i've met, and she's very sweet, she met and fell in love with alec baldwin the movie star , right? not that's why she fell in love with him, but those were the circumstances. makes alec alec and you wonder if somebody would be as content if their life changed. i think he truly does regret very, very much the thing that happened with his beautiful daughter ireland. she seems to have forgiven him. if his daughter has forgiven him, we should be able to, too. this all brings up paula deen one more time.

>> can't help it.

>> it's just out of control and it's not commensurate with what -- it doesn't make sense.

>> the people that say it's overblown are jesse jackson , jimmy carter , bill mauer, howard stern . if you think of the list of -- natalie cole , if you think of the list of people who are saying, okay, not great what she said, however, do you lose -- look, if you're --

>> punishment should fit the crime.

>> if you're a true hate monger , let's pretend you really, really are a hater, you can actually see that happening. you lose everything because of it, but i don't think there are -- i don't think most people think she's a deep-seeded hater, i think they said she said a few things in her life that she regrets. i don't know.

>> it's not as if she's a right wing conservative, though, and the media is after her because of that, because i think she did work for obama's campaign and the last presidential race, i believe. so it's not that. i don't get it.

>> seems weird. it does seem weird. it always comes back. every time someone's criticized for doing something in public now, you can't help but compare the two.

>> it's just out of control.

>>> the other thing that's out of control --

>> what?

>> royal baby watching. she's not the first woman to have a baby.

>> but we can't wait. it's july 11th .

>> i wish her all the best, but get a life.

>> people with pitching tents. they are waiting for the baby to be born.

>> to be crowned. get it? that's funny.

>> take that, that should be a bumper sticker. waiting for the baby to crown. anyway, so we wonder what the baby would look like and so did a south african gymnast --

>> no, we didn't.

>> geneticist. not easy to say that. anyway, so this is what this south african geneticist believes the baby would look like, and go. okay.

>> all right.

>> it's a blend --

>> okay? what's going on?

>> are they the grownups?

>> the bottom one looks a little like ellen degeneres . i don't know how ellen got into the family tree .

>> does look like ellen .

>> if it was my eyes, the bottom third looks like ellen . and the first one looks like hilary swank , but there's a lot of inbreeding, i guess, that goes on with, you know -- i'm only kidding, only kidding. they do have a colorful history, by the way. i have a friend who knows everything. you see the show "the tudors," you know.

>> all of that interesting stuff.

>>> well, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to paint a picture for us. mark paints and it's unique use using wine?

>> wine not?

>> wine not.

>> so, drum roll .

>> this is what he made for us. we haven't seen it yet. apparently he used red wine , blush, and some white.

>> i don't want to ruin it. here we go.

>> wow!

>> oh, my god. that's wine?

>> how would we know?

>> how did they do that?

>> yep.

>> look at the two circles for your wine glasses on the side.

>> oh, my god.

>> that's talented.

>> oh, my gosh. i love it when somebody paints our picture. who do they think is going to take it? we're not going to do a solomon thing and cut it down the middle.

>> you can have it.

>> i like it, i like it.

>> mark schreiber if you want to know more about his art work. i can't believe he does that.

>> i can't believe you're wearing that dress again. just kidding. just kidding. look at some of his stuff.

>> amazing, amazing.

>>> we have a followup. we were asking you guys yesterday how do you feel about having a cute gynecologist or o.b. and our facebook fans decided they wanted to get in on the conversation. jenni wrote, my gyno looked just like my first love. i had to cover my face with a sheet when he checked me.

>> she still has issues, obviously, with that first love.

>> jeanette wrote she had to have a vaginal ultrasound and while performing it her doctor said, and i quote, you have a cute little uterus. he ended up delivering two babies from my cute little uterus.

>> sounds inappropriate. this is the one i love. mary sue won't even leave her last name, her friend went to the gynecologist and on the way to the exam she stopped to use the ladies room. there was, as usual, no toilet paper in the stall, so she used a kleenex from her own purse. when she got into the doctor's office, he quickly looked up and asked, are you giving away stamps today? it seems that a book of stamps was connected to the kleenex and one of them peeled off on to her.

>> she had a stamp downstairs. oh, my god.

>> we can't make this stuff up. thank you for sending in.

>>> we want these college kids to tweet us.

>> what should they tweet us about?

>> tweet us about your gynecologist --

>> no, your trips to the gyno, who cares? while you're listening to your favorite summer song .

>> every summer they come up with a song that seems to be the one that is the signature for the summer.

>> you picked it, too.

>> this is the song, robin thicke 's song, this is the song of this summer, "blurred lines," you know it. get up get hurt like it hurt what you doing like