TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

4 embarrassing health questions answered

We’ve all had health issues that sometimes leave us too embarrassed to even bring up with our doctors, so Lynya Floyd of Family Circle magazine and Dr. Nieca Goldberg of NYU Women’s Health Center are here to addressa few of them, including flatulence and stinky feet.

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>>> well, we have all had them, the gross health issues that make us too embarrassed to ask our doctor.

>> we'll do the asking for you. she is the health director of family circle magazine and the medical director of nyu's women's health center . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> doctors have seen everything so why is it that we as patients hate to ask the questions?

>> part of it is they're not attractive or sexy issues to talk about and then you also have the misperception that they're not important and it's something you need to muddle through when in reality they could be indicative of something more serious going on.

>> let's get to them natalie.

>> you go first.

>> let's start with this one. first, the dreaded female mustache.

>> i really think that you might think it's a cosmetic problem but it could be a health issue. sometimes it's due to hormonal imbalance. it happens as a part of men pause but in younger women i start to think could they have psos you need to bring it one your doctor.

>> what are solutions.

>> well, there's leg waxing, something more expensive, laser hair removal . bleacher of the mustache and also you can use a medication which decreases hair growth but you also have to use it with a hair removal technique and you can't use it during pregnancy.

>> all right but if you have a much bigger problem see your doctor.

>> absolutely.

>> the next one, male sexual dysfunction . this is a touchy subject for guys.

>> it is. when you bring this up with your guy, make sure you're not having that conversation in the bedroom. anywhere but there. and make it about something bigger than the actual issues in the bedroom. so for example, we know that sleep apnea is tied to it. so make it about hypertension which is also tied to sleep apnea . so then you're having a conversation about heart disease and heart health and it's taking it away from the more embarrassing aspect.

>> and think about it. in younger men you have to be concerned it could be due to low testosterone levels. in older men you think about heart disease . high blood pressure , high cholesterol , diabetes. but how easy is this? in order to get a medication for erectile dysfunction you have to go to the doctor. so it's time you get a check up.

>> it's hard as a woman to get the husband to go to the doctor and admit they have an issue.

>> absolutely. i have women that have dragged their husband in and you have to.

>> excessive burping and gas. ten year old boys love to talk about it but for a lot of grown men and women it can be an issue.

>> it is an issue. here are things, if you swallow a lot of air. if you gulp food instead of chew it, chew a lot of gum, drink carbonated beverages or beer, those increase gas formation, so cut back. if the life style changes don't help, get checked out for acid reflux, lactose intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome.

>> the last one, sktinky feet. men and women go through this.

>> men are worse.

>> shoes are an amazing breeding ground for bacteria. it's dark, it's wet, it's hot in there. you want to change the environment. wear breathable cotton socks, shoes made of leather and other breathable materials. make sure you're watching your feet with antibacterial soap.

>> you can make a huge vat of green tea , let it cool down and then soak your feet in that for 30 minutes and it will help combat that.

>> but really important, if you have redness or itchyness get that checked out because it can be a sign of a fun gal infection or athlete's foot.

>> i love the word for