TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

Martha Stewart’s last-minute July 4 party ideas

Independence Day comes midweek this year making it a little tougher to get your party planned, but Martha Stewart is here to help. She shows off some last-minute décor and food ideas to make your party festive.

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>> and we are back with martha on today. this morning last minute ideas for 4th of july . they are endorsed by martha .

>> of course all inside the pages of martha stewart living . happy early 4th to you.

>> same to you guys. what are you doing? are you going to celebrate.

>> i'll be here.

>> oh.

>> holding down the fort.

>> you'll be celebrating.

>> this is for savannah, this is for willie.

>> oh.

>> these are just paper cups you can embellish. get the kids to do it so everyone has a paper cup . they're very festive. this is another great idea for the drink bucket. they're balloons filled with water and you freeze them. they are a little melted but they're so cute.

>> then you don't get the watery ice tub that you end up with.

>> they're cute and once they thaw you put them back in the freezer and they freeze again.

>> great.

>> they are renewsable. this say delicious punch made out of white cranberry juice . you can mix it with lemon or orange or pineapple. any of the fresh juices you like. it's very tasty and good.

>> is it okay to use store bought juice as well.

>> of course. unsweetened because the cranberry juice is sweet but garnish this with slices of orange or lemon. blueberries are delicious and use these in the paper cup . look, this is mango cut into little star with the cookie cutter. honey dew melon and all pretty, all healthy and this is a red zinger tea. embellish it with the same fruit.

>> i love it.

>> very healthy. very nice. if you want to embellish your own cup.

>> we have all of these nice tapes. all of these nice stickers.

>> that's cute. you just make a little craft station.

>> whatever you like and willie, that's your cup.

>> you can get the kids on this. go decorate your cup.

>> i would not say this is an adult craft, necessarily.

>> maybe for savannah.

>> exactly.

>> savannah loves doing these kinds of things.

>> i really do.

>> so you can put the pretty tapes -- all of these are available at the craft stores or at the stationery stores . everything you do is cute. food is important for 4th of july , you need hamburgers, probably, tuna burgers. i'm going to be doing tuna burgers and pies. fresh berries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries.

>> and you like doing those.

>> and here's your pastry so you can just roll this out. use a piece of plastic wrap . this is a cream cheese sour cream dough.

>> you're putting the plastic out.

>> yeah, you don't have to use a lot of flower. get this rolled out into a nice even rectangle and then pale back the plastic and you can start filling your pie.

>> i'm taking artistic liberty with the shape of mine. do you mind?

>> no, that's fine.

>> put a little egg wash all the way around the edge, like this.

>> over the edge .

>> yeah, you can do cut it into two squares or leave it this way. a little bit of flower. oh and the berries, use sugar, flower or cornstarch to thicken. and just a pinch of salt. i like a pinch of salt in things.

>> brings out the flavor doesn't it?

>> it's good.

>> i don't have a spoon.

>> here's one.

>> stir it up.

>> that's for the top. just these three.

>> yeah, that's that.

>> then use your fruit like this right here.

>> did you put flour on this? you did?

>> just a tiny bit.

>> and mine is mostly blackberries. i want raspberries.

>> you bake this at 375 degrees. turn your oven on before, you know, when you start making these so it's preheated and just fold over your pastry. it's a little sticky out here, i'm sorry. but this humidity.

>> i know.

>> you guys aren't talking about the weather, are we living in panama or new york? i think we're not living in new york any longer.

>> all right. 30 seconds.

>> what are we drinking --

>> oh, isn't it pretty? and the table -- this is just electrical tape taped on the table and it's removable.

>> this is so cute.

>> that's where you can put your american flags . all of these are martha celebrations. these are our new products.

>> happy 4th of july martha .

>> thank you.

>> more of today after the local news.