TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

Jane Lynch on ‘Game Night’: ‘There’s nothing like it’

The actress talks about hosting “Hollywood Game Night,” a new show that features celebrities and everyday people competing together. She describes some of the games contestants will play, including putting Oprah’s hairstyles in chronological order.

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>> let's bring in jane lynch .

>> i'm in the nbc family now.

>> you are.

>> yes, so tell us about this. i think it sounds really cool.

>> we love this idea.

>> there's nothing on television like it. it's a game night that we do at sean hayes house and they're crazy and loud and we put it on television and we have six celebrities, two civilians. all you have to know is people magazine .

>> no, your reference level can be pretty low and it's just a lot of fun. we're drinking, we're having a good time.

>> oh my gosh. we know you have al roker , hoda kotb .

>> yeah, what's some of the games.

>> have you ever played celebrity where you try to get --

>> yeah.

>> so that's our final round for every game and we have our form of sherades and name that tune and also put like oprah's hair styles in chronological order.

>> how heated do the celebrities get? because they look like they're really animated.

>> they go nuts. everybody comes to win. everybody has their game face on and even people kind of start out like this end up crazy.

>> you're on broadway right now.

>> i am.

>> you're in annie. are you loving that?

>> i'm having the best time. i haven't done that play in maybe 20 years. i won't let that happen again. i'm having the best time.

>> always great to have you here, especially now that we are related.

>> yeah.

>> nbc family.

>> we would love to come to game night too.

>> you're all welcome. if we are picked up we'll do a today show special.

>> we'll talk about getting it picked up then. that's a done deal.

>> good.

>> a week from tomorrow, july 11th , right here, 10:00 , 9:00 central time .

>> great to see you.