TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

Expert tips for securing your home while on vacation

With vacation season in full swing, there are a few things you might want to add to your to-do list to keep your house safe while you’re gone. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin gets advice from a security expert.

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>>> have a warning this morning before you hit the road for your holiday destination. july and august are primetime for home burglaries. how can you keep your home from becoming a statistic?

>> reporter: you packed up, locked up and set off thinking your home is safe and secure. think again. every 15 seconds, somewhere in america, a home is burglarized. we asked security expert, chris, how to get your house vacation ready.

>> we have three or four newspapers piled up here which tells me they have been gone at least four days. you can look at the front door and see they have flyers and stuff left there. i know this home is unoccupied. i'll see if i can get in.

>> the nice thing about a quite and private backyard is that. it's private and quite but you can see this being vulnerable.

>> it's great for burglars. they can take all the time they want in the world and noise is not a big factor. now they can attack the back of the house and get in any of these doors or windows without fear of being observed.

>> this is a motion sensor light which is ideal. anybody that comes up it's going to snap on and can make the burglar think someone is home.

>> once inside, they know exactly where to find your goods.

>> usually by the night stands, by the bed, you find the good stuff.

>> this is where people usually leave their valuables.

>> yes, extra cash, wallets, the drawers will have the hidden -- look at this, hidden items, jewelry.

>> hide your valuables.

>> you can hide things in cereal boxes. products out there on the marketplace like this ajax can, the top unscrews. you can put valuables in that.

>> above all, get to know your neighbors. tell them you'll be gone so they can grab your mail and install lights on timers to give it that lived in look. make it hard for thieves to enter by using low cost door stoppers or, if you can, install an alarm system .

>> nothing better than a sign that you can see from the street that this house might have an alarm. it might be set, and it might go off if you break in.

>> homes that don't have security systems are nearly three times more likely to be a target and no one wants to turn their vacation into christmas for the crooks. for today, nbc news los angeles .