TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

Royal baby gifts pour in from around the world

The first child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine is expected any day now, which means royal baby mania has been kicked up a notch in the U.K. Gamblers are betting on the sex and name as gifts pour in from around the world. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> the royal baby due any day now, excitement is building around the globe. michelle kosinski is in london. michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: hey willie. what the palace said so far is minimal. we don't know kate 's due date but that hasn't stopped this from becoming a merchandising and media frenzy . that has already arrived, before the baby. the world's press is already in position outside kate 's hospital. they haven't even waited with a child for the child of the duck and duchess of cambridge.

>> they sent over a box of supplies. the box can be used for a bed. the royal baby might pass on that. the australian prime minister knitted the baby a kangaroo. people are guessing on names.

>> i think there will be an elizabeth in there somewhere and diana.

>> and a victoria.

>> and placing their bets, the majority banking on it being a girl.

>> alexandra is the first running. the second is charlotte.

>> reporter: what hasn't been a gamble is the stuff, booties, this one says made in england. all expected to pump nearly $400 million into the economy here. especially if people decide this for $83,000. fitting while it's a biank. they're predicting good things.

>> there's a sense of lineage and tradition and unity.

>> people born in the year of the snake are great at putting aside worries and moving on with life. in other words, keeping calm and carrying on, exactly what this child might need. this really could happen any day now. even today. how we'll likely hear about it is that the palace will announce kate has gone into labor after she is admitted to the hospital. that's the same way it was done for princess diana .

>> we're ready. any day now.

>> we'll be watching for the signal.

>> she has her hospital bag packed and so does natalie.

>> yeah, i feel like i'm having the baby.