TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Off-the-wall party ideas for Independence Day

Lifestyle guru Laurin Sydney shows some creative party decorations for your Fourth of July, including lawn stars made of flour, a hand- and footprint tablecloth, and a patriotic cake.

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>>> you've got just two days left to get it together for your fourth of july party and while flags and sparklers, kick it up a notch.

>> lauren sidney has some clever ideas to make sure your guests have a blast and a lot of stuff you are going to need. you probably already have.

>> it is unusual and it is off the wall.

>> what are we doing?

>> here's what we're going to be doing. hello, america.

>> look how great you look with all your festive.

>> it is a little over the top but adorable.

>> the nails will and little later in the segment but we'll get to it. first, your party begins with curb appeal. don't decorate your house. start when your guests drive up. this is your lawn. make any kind of template. i'm doing stars but for a birthday can you do numbers, do initials. put it down here. i take a little flour. if you live in chicago and it is windy, this is not going to work. but anywhere that it is not windy. splits a little water on the grass. when you pick it up, star on your grass.

>> what's that going to do to your grass?

>> it will make it taste delicious.

>> that won't damage anything.

>> no, nothing.

>> a lot of work for people who probably won't appreciate it.

>> but your guests will appreciate it.

>> okay.

>> this looks like a tablecloth, it acts like a tablecloth but it is actually a memorabilia of your family. once in a lifetime everyone does their hand prints. if you look from the front, it is stars and stripes . as you grow up, all of a sudden you see grandma's hand print, you see baby.

>> then you start crying because grandma's gone?

>> no, you remember her. lift it up baby.

>> we're in the middle of the fun thing --

>> she's always with you. the tablecloth.

>> yeah, good luck with that.

>> i'm going to clean you up.

>> i like that. that's cute.

>> your little nieces would adore that. grandma, not so much.

>> red, white and blue drinks.

>> let's make one of those.

>> the way you remember, just like in life, sugar always stays at your hips. sugar goes on thebottom. that's the most sugar.

>> how do we know that?

>> because lori told you.

>> then blue which is a sports drink so that has a little less sugar. then we finish it up with a diet soda , no sugar.

>> like club soda .

>> perfection -- well, not so much. you did it better.

>> but you still get the idea. next off i promised you these would be wacky and off the wall. why leave your nails out? you do not have to be artistic. the way that you do this is with an art brush as opposed to the nail polish brush. just have fun. this took five minutes and this took 30 seconds. placemats. this is placemats and name cards. i always invite george clooney because maybe one day he will come.

>> you never know.

>> this is easy. just have a set of balls. you should excuse me.

>> everybody should.

>> exactly. this is all about off the wall. if you have white flowers and you want them to be blue and red for the festivities, put a little food dye in the rose. the trick is a teaspoon of sugar. it helps it go up.

>> cut into the cake, please. your guests are going to say those two gals with with such personalities have a boring white cake . no! wait until you see what's inside, hoda and kathie lee . ready? this is a patriotic, unbelievable cake and we knew this would happen so we did this.

>> look at that!

>> that's fantastic! how did you do it?

>> i'm going to show you. is that not amazing?

>> you win!

>> here, hoda. clean up, baby. you make three layers and the top layer that's blue which is our flag, you just take two finney circles. stuff them in. this is magic. people who went to harvard will wonder how you did that. some little gift