TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Jane Seymour on life: ‘It’s ebb and flow’

Actress Jane Seymour is starring in the newest American Girl film, “Saige Paints The Sky,” as Mimi, an artsy grandmother who helps her granddaughter embrace change, even when it’s scary. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda what it’s like to be a grandmother in real life.

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>>> jane seymour is an emmy and golden globe award winning actress actresses, appearing in dozens of tv shows and lots of films. when she's not acting she's designing jewelry and painting.

>> jane is also a mom and grandmother and her latest role hits close to home in the " american girl " film "sage paints the sky." her grandmother teaches sage not to fear change.

>> someone had a rough first day. a new school year and things are different between you and tessa. change is hard. we can't let that scare us.

>> but i don't want things to change.

>> i know. sometimes it's good to shake things up a bit.

>> oh, yes it is.

>> yeah, she should know. good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> you look good in gray hair.

>> well, it was a lot of gray hair.

>> where were you, at some weird place, when you got the call for this film. you weren't aware of the " american girl ".

>> i knew nothing about american girl dolls . i happened to be randomly in the middle of chicago and picked up the phone, it said american girl . then i realized it was the entire block. i thought maybe i should check this out. went inside. i was so impressed because the message is --

>> there is always a great little message.

>> i thought the store was about a doll. there is a lot more than that. the message in this movie is so phenomenal. they cast me i suppose because i am an artist, i play a woman who is a professional artist and rides dressage horse an inspires her granddaughter. so it is a grandmother/granddaughter piece.

>> we used to read them with cass. i'd be in tears. i just loved these stories.

>> this is all about dealing with change. in this issue what's happened is her favorite thing in the world is to paint and they've taken it out of school because of their funding so the grandmother inspires her to become radical and to get all the kids together and to raise the money and to bring the arts programs back.

>> it is hard to believe are you a grandmother yourself. i am looking at you. did that help play into this role?

>> well, my grandchildren aren't as old as sage. my are little tiny babies. there's two of them. the one in yellow is willa. she's four months. dylan is over a year now. there is knanother one, rowan. i love being a grandmother.

>> they must love coming to grandma's house in malibu, the waves crashing down.

>> you make beautiful jewelry. i know you are wearing this necklace. it is one i hadn't seen before.

>> this is brand-new. two open hearts . it's like a wiv. my whole philosophy in life is that when you're born you can like in a body of water going in one direction. this high happens where suddenly you make the team or fall in love and you just feel like top of the world but it doesn't ever stay there, does it? as you're going down a lot of people kind of quit and give up and say i'll never do that again because they're terrified. but if you think of a way that lets go of the water, continues to go down with, it survives the crash, it meets brand-new water it's never been met, clab rates and create a new wave.

>> i told you, hoda, it is ebb and flow.

>> ebb and flow.

>> great to see you. all the best with the little movie. it is called "sage panlts the sky."

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