TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Hoda: I need conversation at the OB/GYN

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss their preferences about gynecologists and debate whether having a hot doctor would be awesome or awkward. On an unrelated note, they describe their ideal man.

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>>> it's a miracle that you're here.

>> it's booze day, tuesday, july 2nd .

>> sometimes the 30 seconds before air are better than the whole show. okay? but you made it. hold on, hole on. i fixed it. that's what i'm about. where were you?

>> i was down in my dressing room in the bowels -- the annals of nbc. i was down there, couldn't decide what earrings, maybe this bracelet. i had just said to christine, my assistant, you know what? i've just got too much time on my hands today. the clock's broken in my dressing room . it said 9:22 and i'm going, golly --

>> here's the thing about kath. she's always early to everything. so everyone was looking around and it was a couple of minutes until. i was like she probably thinks we're in the upstairs studio. we usually get thrown up there.

>> pret tich on a daily basis.

>> but we're glad you're here.

>> thank you for all your help, everybody.

>>> yes, we take good care of you. where were you yesterday? can we talk about what you shot or is it top-secret?

>> it is embarrassing. no, i had a photo shoot yesterday but after bambino was on the air and growled at blake because -- he doesn't like blake getting face time on the air.

>> blake -- blake was kind of second fiddle, which is oddly familiar to the program. okay. but go on.

>> that's right. yesterday we had had our babies with us yesterday and then bambino did growl a little bit.

>> yes -- a little?

>> then we went back to my house and we had had a photo session there all afternoon. and i've never seen a dog love a camera more than bambino. he's in every shot. he knows exactly how to look. he knows how to keep his chin up. he's perfect. he was out last night. just so tired. but you know who was not happy was louis. louie was so jealous because i was taking the pictures. so that's louie . just to love on him. can you take the thing away, you guys? this is kathie lee and hoda. you got to see his little feet . he's flat on his back.

>> is that a bed? what's he in?

>> that's a little bed. he just wanted a little face time so i said, all right, louie .

>> he is so cute!

>> we call him fat lou and we pretend he's in the mob.

>> kate middleton is about to have that baby soon. so a lot of people -- there is a lot of attention obvious tloi her and everything she does. there is now a lot of attention on her gyno.

>> her what?

>> gynecologist.

>> oh, gyno. is he cute?

>> he apparently according to the brits is a hottie.

>> it's kind of hard to tell from that. he looks nice and lean.

>> he does look lean.

>> i like that in my gynecologist.

>> his name is dr. allen farthing and he's going to be one of the doctors delivering.

>> what do you mean one of the doctors delivering?

>> this is a big deal . they have to have a team in case something goes wrong!

>> what is it? the seventh fleet in there with her.

>> it's people. here's a question for you guys at home. are you comfortable or uncomfortable either with a gynecologist or an ob or whatever who is a guy, who's down at that end? do you feel comfortable when a guy is cute? would you rather have -- i've had two gun kynecologists. one is an older guy who had a clipboard and shaky hands . he really did.

>> which bothered you more?

>> it was like grandpa. i almost couldn't care less but he he also literally wrote everything down on a yellow pad. it was sweet.

>> dr. wellby, marcus wechlby.

>> i feel like i need to have conversation when anything's going on? do you?

>> let's talk about you for a while.

>> it's an awkward feeling, isn't it?

>> one time marylou henner and dolly parton were at our house. our mutual agent was trying to put something together for us. we were talking about gynecologists. i said nobody likes to go to their gynecologist, no matter a woman or a man. who wants to get up there, put your feet in the stirrups and -- dolly goes, "i do." she loves it! she has a huge crush on her gorgeous gynecologist. that dolly. yes. yes. yes, she does. my sister -- she won't mind my telling this story --

>> i doubt it.

>> she was at her gynecologist and all of a her he says to her, i just heard that your sister is kathie lee gifford . is that true?

>> while he he's doing --

>> it's a she and she is doing the exam and my sister tlae and she goes, yes, yes, she's my sister. and the gynecologist, i swear, says, "oh, you two look so much alike. ".

>> that's a good one.

>> so i have a female gynecologist whom i adore. i adore. i still don't like it though.

>> i don't like it either. it is such an uncomfortable --

>> it's nobody's business down there.

>> -- what's going on.

>>> today 75% said they would not want a hot doctor because it would be awkward around distracting.

>> dolly's in the other 25%.

>>> here's another question for you. what makes the perfect man? think about the traits that you look for in a guy and you say this makes him perfect. according to a survey out -- this again comes from " vanity fair " and " 60 minutes ," so it is a bunch of brainiacs. they said the number one quality is education. which is -- i think curiosity and and common sense is much more important to me than --

>> what would be the single most --

>> god, don't drill me. i'm just answering.

>> to you, what's the single most --

>> kindness. kindness. i'd rather have a person that's happy and kind and all the other traits about is he athletic and is he smart fall into another place.

>> what about a hairy back?

>> i don't like that.

>> let's make there's no association of hairy backed guys so hoda can't get in any more trouble. do they have a union? somebody check right now.

>> you know what's weird about the world? if you say anything --

>> you anger somebody.

>> -- i didn't even know it work like that.

>> that's why i'm internet free. go ahead, say whatever you want . i'm never going to see it. i'm never going to hear it. but you'll feel better afterwards so you just go ahead and say it.

>> okay. so i was in the cab yesterday --

>> oh, stop it, kathie lee .

>> i was in the cab yesterday, a guy was running in the park, very proud of his physique. looked over and i thought had he had a shirt on. no. it was one of those -- andy a double take -- but you know what? there is something about confidence because it made me do a double take anyway, even though it was like a sweater, but i thought --

>> it's been hot lately. who's going to wear a sweater?

>> it's like you don't have time to think but that's how he was.

>> i wish guys realized what a turnoff that is hey, baby. that is the biggest turnoff in the world. maybe some women love it --

>> no, no. whenever i run in the park and i see a guy without his shirt on, even though i want to look within deliberately don't. i look away .

>> stop being all about you.

>> yes.

>> because it's about me. right, hoda?

>> all right. how do we do it day after day .

>>> so, if you loved laverne and shirley , we've got good news for you.

>> i loved them.

>> they are going to reunite on a nickelodeon show. it is a sitcom called sam and cat. they're going to play characters involved in this old feud. i think there is something we can --

>> so fun to see them together. that's cindy and penny.

>> cindy was on law and order or something recently.

>> was she? penny's been battling health issues so i'm so glad to see her doing well. love her.

>>> if you've been on an airline and you've complained about the seats are too smushed together, the food, blah blah blah , you've written complaints, no reaction, nobody ever pays attention to. this is the kind of letter you probably should have written. a guy was on a terrible flight and he decided to write a letter that was much more inviting. still with his criticism. here's what the letter said. it said, "may i say how considerate it is of you to enable your passengers such an in-depth and thorough tour of the caribbean. most other airlines would simply have taken us from point a to point b in a hurry. i was intreated we were allowed to stop at not a lowly one or two but a magnificent six airports yesterday. and who wants to fly on the same airplane the entire time? p.s. -- keep the bag. i never liked it anyway.

>> an airline i've never heard of before, based in antigua. i guess richard branson -- who i have a little crush on him. i love his attitude. that's also an attackive thing. he he just has -- he just -- he doesn't embrace life. he gives it a bear hug and doesn't let go.

>> he saw this letter. he thought it was so great that he retweeted it. it is everywhere. and this does show you that sometimes when you scream at someone, when you're upset about whatever it is, your food's late, the delivery guy didn't come, et cetera , et cetera , when you're very, very angry you don't get your results. when you -- you actually do this a lot. we're at a restaurant and let's pretend the waiter forgot about us and the food didn't come or whatever and he brought you the wrong meal. you'll very good at saying, although that shrimp looks delicious, i ordered the salmon. you have. have you a way --

>> do i? what a wonderful human being i am. too bad more people don't notice. by the way, branson's airline, virgin america and virgin -- i've never gone transatlanticly but i love -- virgin america is an awesome airline.

>> the reason we have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is because there is a another study that says a sandwich tastes much better when somebody else makes it for you as opposed to when you make it yourself.

>> you're exhausted aftermakering it yourself.

>> they say apparently as are you making it there is an anticipation of what it is going to taste like.

>> see, that doesn't look good to me?

>> a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ?

>> not enough peanut butter . if you're going to eat it --

>> i can tell you though, it is the perfect blend --

>> no.

>> -- the perfect ratio --

>> no, it is not.

>> -- of peanut but thor to jelly. look at it.