TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Campowerment: Summer camp for grown-ups

TODAY’s Sara Haines spends a weekend in California at Campowerment, a summer camp for adults complete with sing-offs and s’mores, where campers are pushed physically and mentally and forge powerful summer friendships.

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>> reporter: perched on a mountaintop in malibu, california, women from all over come together for one weekend and escape into the magic of camp. but this is not camp for kids.

>> cheers!

>> this is camp for grown-ups with no rules and alcohol.

>> i did notice the alcohol and might have had a drink already.

>> reporter: started by life-long camp lover tammy fuller, camp power net allows women the chance to break away from the hassle of every day life and reconnect with themselves and other women.

>> you rock. because i do.

>> all while sleeping in cabins.

>> good morning, campers. had this whole weekend is designed to sort of help you rethink where you are, ask yourself if it's where you want to be, and if it is not, give you the tools to be able to move forward and get to where you want to be.

>> reporter: activities center around the mind, body, and spirit.

>> there's big differences between what the world sees and what's going on for you emotionally.

>> reporter: but your inner child is never too far away with sing-offs -- s'mores -- and, oh, yes, pie eating contests. we don

>> we don't get to be kids anymore. life is so serious. this gives women a chance to step back, connect and unplug.

>> imagine the most fun and free time in your childhood. that's what this camp is.

>> you just fall in love with each other. it's like i've known these guys forever.

>> i've forgotten how it is to just let go an be myself.

>> you feel safe enough just to break down and cry and talk about your life .

>> reporter: by the time saturday afternoon rolls around we are ready for the ropes course, an all-afternoon activity that asks each of to us step outside of our comfort zone . test our limits, and empower each other forward. i took a leech faith, literally. climbing up 35 feet and facing my fears head-on.

>> ready to go for it?

>> three, two, one --

>> woo!

>> reporter: and i knew, even if i hadn't made it, i