TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Matthew Perry speaks out about addiction

In a recent interview, the actor opened up about struggling with addiction and helping others by transforming his home into a rehab center. TODAY’s Natalie Morales and Willie Geist chat about more hot topics making headlines.

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>> our first topic, we keep hearing about the stories of near misses on commercial flights. the faa said sunday's spirit airlines flight was going from detriot to dallas fort worth when controllers recorded a sky diving jump plane was nearby so the spirit flight plunged 1600 feet.

>> the passengers apparently were screaming and didn't know what was going on. the closest the two planes were apart was about 1.6 miles apart, but still that's close.

>> 400 feet vertically which is nothing in aviation so raises the question and you and i were talking about it a month ago. we were on a flight for our tour across america with the "today" show.

>> we were coming back from moore, oklahoma and going to chicago and we hit major turbulence. i'm a good flyer. i grew up visiting the cockpits with my dad and going on the flights he was on. so the only time i held on and prayed out loud. we dropped 10 to 12 feet. it was frightening.

>> i'm not rattled by turbulence. but the drop and then when the wind sheer comes and the plane goes that way. that was a legit scary flight. and meanwhile, megan who we were traveling with was like i slept through the whole thing.

>> we are having this like moment, almost a religious moment together and she is like what? what happened.

>> there's always one who manages so sleep through it all. unfortunately not us.

>> but thank god i never had a near miss.

>> no. my husband had one. it was a real emergency in flight. there was smoke coming out of the cockpit. the control panel was on fire and he was headed to europe and was right over new finland. they were able to head back and land. otherwise they would have been over water . the pilot came out of the cockpit and was grey faced. you could see the worry. when you assume the crash position and you're told to get down and people were starting to pray, i don't think i would ever get on a flight again after that.

>> no, you wonder how many of these control tower sees across the world from day-to-day. it happens a lot.

>> it does. we have been reporting them quite a bit.

>> the cover of people magazine , matthew perry talking about his life as an addict . he has spoken to people about his battle well-known with addiction to pills and alcohol. he talks about when he was on friends from 24 to 34 she said he was in the white hot flame of fame. the six of us where everywhere all the time. from an outsiders perspective it would seem like i had it all but it was actually a very lonely time for me because i was suffering from alcoholism.

>> he was adiked to pills and a lot and became addicted to vicodin. he was never high at work but painfully, painfully hung over and then things got so bad i couldn't hide it. he got clean and was helping others and now he has opened up his four bedroom home to men, in general, who need help. he says it's a place to come and get clean and sober. it's in malibu. a rehab center with daily medications, 12-step programs and round the clock care in his house.

>> it's incredible for a celebrity to open the doors to his home to help people like that.

>> he wants people to know -- when i die, i'd like friends to be lifted behind helping people. he is trying to be an example and help people move forward as he has.

>> it's an interesting piece. it helps to have a house where you can turn it into a rehab facility. the kitchen floor is about 8 by 4.

>> there's a little bathroom somewhere where you can go rehab.

>> you do the next one.

>> we're all excited about fireworks. here in new york it's a lot of fun. this year's macy's 4th of july spectacular currated by usher. of all the words in the english language it means the person in charge of a museum, art collection , et cetera . this is when you're bringing works of art together in a gallery to show but you're doing that for fireworks as well and you beer says it's far more than we showing up and allowing my name to be on a bill. i wanted to represent america and people to understand something more about me artistically. it's not just being a dancer but being able to recognize other incredible people and what he has done. he's basically choreographing the music.

>> he's curating.

>> how many words have you heard like that? you hear them all the time and you're like really?

>> that one, everyone online with a photo gallery has curated a photo gallery . it doesn't make you an artist.

>> you have to have a degree to curated.

>> i'm hashtag team usher on this one.

>> okay. he'll be here tomorrow. we'll ask him. but you have a word.

>> you know the word artesian and.

>> what does that mean.

>> people that does something using methods.

>> you can use artesinal chocolate.

>> does it come in 30 minutes or less?

>> it costs more if not less.

>> i did a whole piece on this.

>> i remember you talking about it. they have totally cheapened the word. people think it's special. it's elevates it. it's not just a domino's pizza. it's an artisenal pizza.

>> i love it.

>> i do too.

>> but it's really good. have to say.

>> okay.

>> worth the extra couple of dollars then.

>> they have to toss it in the air but every pizza in new york is that then.

>> by that definition yeah.

>> organic is another word.

>> organic.

>> everything is organic.

>> and the fda is not giving you the license to say it's organic but everybody is using it.

>> it's an excuse to raise the price.

>> one more for you, love that look. a texas physical education teacher has retired after wearing the same 1970s era outfit in 40 consecutive yearbook photos. this is dale. this is his fashion over the years. hasn't changed even one little bit over 40 years. you have to love that, don't you.

>> i'm impressed of the quality of that material to last 40 years and not to mention, he sort of changes over the years. so i guess we found that i can repeat offend too.

>> was that supposed to be incriminating? you wore something two years later.

>> wait, you wore something that got a lot of notice around the office. i don't know if we have that? there is a green shirt. you wore that once.

>> i don't think i have repeated that one.

>> why? you didn't like it? we liked it.

>> i'll wear it again for you, then. i'll wear it later this summer.

>> just not 40 years down the road.

>> he found a look that worked for him. his wife said you have something going because he accidentally repeated the outfit on the second year and she said i think you wore that last year for the yearbook picture. she said looks good on you. go for it.