TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Benjamin Bratt fills Pacino’s shoes in ‘Despicable 2’

Actor Benjamin Bratt talks about lending his voice to “two different personas in one person” in the upcoming film “Despicable Me 2,” a role he inherited from legendary actor Al Pacino.

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>> our good friend benjamin bratt . great to see you.

>> you too.

>> a new character has been introduced with your voice. i had to explain to the ladies that your face isn't actually in the movie.

>> just good inspiration for the character.

>> tell us about the character you're playing.

>> i play two different personas in one person. if you took the most interesting man in the world from the mexican beer commercial and mashed it together with the guy from fantasy island , that's essentially who you have.

>> you played him like a middle-aged man.

>> with jagger, though. he's about 200 pounds over weight and he has the bad comb over but a twinkle in his eye and a lot of charm. he is thought to be the prime suspect in a major heist that occurred and that's the character.

>> and steve carrell is out to out him and end the crime.

>> right. he is pulled back into the game by the antivillain league and asked to find who this villain is.

>> al pachino started with the role. you inherit that. is that a lot of pressure on you.

>> yeah, those are awfully big shoes to fill. an unusual process because you record the voice and they animate to what you give. hi to fill in the precision of the wording but then bring my own organic thought to it.

>> to two characters.

>> el macho.

>> well, we can't wait to see it, thank you.

>> it hits theaters tomorrow. the early reviews around the kids in these families, thumbs up.

>> minions will follow you through the rest of your life.

>> do not engage the minions.