TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Do you suffer from ‘bitchy resting face’?

A comedic video that discusses the perils of “bitchy resting face” has gone viral, earning over 2 million hits on YouTube and a mention by actress Anna Paquin. The creator and star of the video, Taylor Orci, chats about what inspired her to talk about the phenomenon.

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>>> on mind your mannerisms, what your face says about you for better or worse. tamron hall has this story. good morning to you. you're smiling.

>> i am smiling savannah. this all started with a red hot comedy video about the expressions we make or don't. now it has a lot of people talking.

>> it started as a spoof.

>> they look like they're sad or angry for no reason.

>> oh, look, that woman has a bitchy face, i wonder why.

>> i can't see a reason why.

>> that's bitchy resting face.

>> created by and featuring comedian and journalist, taylor orsi. the video got 2 million hits on the web since it was hit last month.

>> i have bitchy resting face.

>> i --

>> though it was meant as a fake public service announcement , a lot of people identified with with it as anna paquin explained on jimmy kimmel live .

>> i have a severe case of bitchy resting face.

>> what is that.

>> you're caught off guard and not smiling. you look really angry all the time.

>> oh, i see.

>> bloggers soon jumped on the "b" band wagon . some producers show signs of the syndrome.

>> i am happier than i look. we have cases here in the office.

>> it's a real phenomenon. sometimes we have a permanent frown and sometimes it's because our brows are decreased or low and all of these things can add up together to make us look grumpy, mean and even, yes, bitchy when we don't mean it.

>> emily, will you marry me?

>> yes. oh wait, no, no, no.

>> but you don't have to run from this problem. you can say, hey, that woman might not be a bitch at all. that might just be her bitch face, and that's okay.

>> what can you do if you have brs? one suggestion, try to train yourself to smile, savannah.

>> okay tamron. we'll do it. thank you so much. we are joined by taylor orsi. she is the creator of the video. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> how long have you lived with this affliction.

>> my whole life. my whole life people have been telling me to smile. they have been saying what's wrong. even when i was on the plane yesterday i was reading something and somebody was like are you okay? i was like i'm not now.

>> so basically, how would you describe the syndrome as i like to call it?

>> very plainly, when people are thoughtfully sad or angry for no reason. when they look like that.

>> so basically, it's those of us that when our faces are not smiling they naturally go into a downturned look.

>> what people think would be a downturned look, yes.

>> do people come up to you on the street and say what? smile?

>> yeah i've had strangers tell me to smile. people ask me what's wrong when i'm having a happy day. i've had people ask me why -- why i'm sad and i'm like i'm not sad. i'm totally fine.

>> what made you decide to do this video because it's huge. it's had millions of hits on youtube.

>> yeah, thank you. people picked it up. it was amazing. the reason it started originally is because when my boyfriend and i met, he thought i had a scowl and i was like oh, god, he doesn't look so great himself.

>> he has the male version of this aaffliction.

>> yeah and i don't know if i can say it.

>> i don't think we can but we can show jared. let's see, jared do you have. there it is.

>> he is kind of smiling. so basically you thought he looked grouchy and he thought you looked grouchy.

>> and we didn't talk for a year. when we got to talking it turned out we had more in common with each other than anybody else i knew. maybe give it a second chance.

>> so maybe you're doing a great public service here.

>> well, it's amazing that so many people have responded to it and responded to it so personally.

>> do you think there -- we have fun with it -- but do you think there's a societal issue here that women are expected to be smiling all the time?

>> yeah, you mentioned earlier when women in particular are frowning, and i think maybe we need to relook at what a resting face looks like for a woman and just chill out.

>> yeah, we could perfect our blank stare.

>> yeah.

>> what do you think about people getting surgery to correct it.

>> surgery is what it is but maybe it would be cheaper if we all gave each other a break.

>> thank you very much.

>> thank you.

>> you gave us a laugh.