TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

First ladies: We are our husbands’ truth-tellers

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush talked candidly about their time in the White House, giving honest insight into life on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. during a First Ladies’ summit in Africa.

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>>> both first ladies. we told you about the talk featuring laura bush and michelle obama . well, their look into the white house is getting a lot of attention.

>> there are prison elements to it but it's a really nice prison.

>> with a chef.

>> we take our bangs and stand in front of imimportant things that the world needs to see and eventually people stop looking at the bangs and they start looking at what we're standing in front of.

>> the first ladies also said they are their husband's only truth tellers. mrs. obama instagram this photoed before leaving. i've heard them say that, the white house is the crown jewel of the federal prison system.

>> hard to complain. you have a guy driving you around and they stop the stoplights for you. let's not complain.

>> there's a certain confining aspect to it i guess.