TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Jury hears recorded interviews of George Zimmerman

The jury in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial has now heard from the accused through recordings of interviews with Zimmerman as well as video of him reenacting his altercation with Trayvon Martin. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports and NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom discusses the case.

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>> to the trial of george zimmerman where jurors heard from him for the first time. kerry sanders is at the courthouse in sanford, florida.

>> reporter: good morning willie. george zimmerman did not take the stand but his own words and video and audio and written reports were presented to the jury in this second degree murder case. the jury now heard from the accused, george zimmerman in the neighborhood where he shot and killed trayvon martin.

>> trayvon.

>> trayvon martin.

>> and in several interviews at the police department . the questioning began the evening of the shooting and lasted over a four-day period. sometimes without a camera.

>> he jumped out from the bushes and he said what the [ bleep ] is your problem homie.

>> these recorded the night of his death.

>> i said help me he's killing me. he puts his hand on my nose and mouth and said you're going to die tonight.

>> reporter: he said he tries to smash his head into the concrete. three days later they sat down with zimmerman began.

>> when he walked up to your car, why didn't you say anything to him.

>> i guess fear. i didn't want to confront him.

>> reporter: and later with the video off but the audio still recording, they challenged zimmerman 's assertion that he shot martin in self-defense.

>> you wanted to catch him. you wanted to catch the bad guy .

>> reporter: zimmerman 's answer, no. he pled not guilty to second-degree murder. at one point he bluffed him telling him there was a video of what happened that february night.

>> i believe his words -- i was hoping somebody would video tape it.

>> the fact that george zimmerman said to you thank god i hope somebody did video tape the event or the whole event, what -- his statement, what did that indicate to you?

>> either he was telling the truth, or he was a complete pathological liar , one or the two.

>> his conclusion --

>> do you think he was telling the truth?

>> yes.

>> the detective had prepared an arrest affidavit to charge george zimmerman with manslaughter but he was never arrested. later a special prosecutor was appointed and charged him with second degree murder. the charge he now faces. the detective is expected back on the stand this morning.

>>> kerry sanders in stanford, florida. thanks. lisa bloom is our legal analyst. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> the jury hears, audio, video, signed statement in court. what inconsistencies did you hear?

>> there were a number of them. the biggest one goes to was he following trayvon martin. sometimes he says he was but then one said no i wasn't. i was going to see the name of the street.

>> inconsistencies problem enough to undermine the case.

>> that's for the jury to decide. he also says trayvon martin jumps out from the bushes and there are no bushes in the area and the detective at the end of his testimony said i believed him. i believed his story of self-defense. so even though there's a number of inconsistencies, the lead detective believed george zimmerman .

>> he didn't consider zimmerman 's injuries to be life threatening. does that undermine.

>> that helps the prosecution. yesterday was the best day for the prosecution because the jurors saw zimmerman having to answer hard questions and not having good answers for some of them. the fact that the injuries were a few cuts, bumps and bruises undercuts his story.

>> a lot of times the defendant takes the stand. if you're his attorney do you put him on the stand?

>> no way, no how. most attorneys say absolutely not. why subject him to a cross-examination when the jury heard his story. the only way he takes the stand is if he insists. this is a guy that likes to talk. he talked to the police multiple times. he even stands up in court every time somebody identifies him. i've never seen that before.

>> we shall see. we'll be talking much more to you.