TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Obama, Bush honor bombing victims in Tanzania

President Obama and George W. Bush attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the U.S. embassy in Tanzania Monday to honor the victims of a 1998 al Qaeda bombing, while Michelle Obama and Laura Bush spoke at an African First Ladies Summit. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> we turn to other news this morning, a rare meeting between president obama and former president george w. bush overnight as the president wraps up his trip to africa . chuck todd is there in tanzania for us. chuck, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, willie. you know, it's rare for two presidents to be in washington at the same time. rare, still for them to be at the same event but here we are some 8,000 miles away from the west wing in tanzania and there stood president obama and bush who were here to pay tribute to some of the first americans killed by an osama bin laden lead terrorist attack.

>> walking side by side presidents obama and bush together in tanzania at the u.s. embassy for a ceremony. a moment of silence to honor the victims of the 1998 al qaeda bombing. 10 were killed that day and more than 85 were injured. a joint appearance, a last minute add to the schedule. it appeared the only bush and obama that would appear together were laura and michelle.

>> i like this woman.

>> michelle obama at the invitation of laura bush attended a bush institute organization 2-day summit that began today. billed as a chance the to empower african women they got candid about life at the white house .

>> there are prison elements to it. but it's a really nice prison. you can't complain. but there is definitely elements con fi confin confined. i love my husband but when he has five things to do at one time, it's funny to watch it. you don't know where your jacket is right now. can't find that shoe, mr. president. but in these jobs when the stress is so much and there's so much coming at them, i have come to realize that there has to be a soft place to land.

>> exactly.

>> there has to be a place where they walk in that door and they are -- no one else but dad, or sweetheart.

>> president obama 's final event here in africa , a tour of a power plant with the president. but it was a demonstration of the socket ball that seemed to give him the biggest kick.

>> the mechanism inside so the energy when you kick them all day.

>> reporter: and this is the legacy actually president obama hopes is left here by him a decade from now. his power africa initiative that he hopes ten years from now people look back and say this obama initiative helped turn the lights on in rural communities. he is back home and have a celebration at the white house .

>> and chucked to gets to come home too and ditch the safari casual as savannah guthrie dubbed it.

>> that was great. thanks.

>> thanks for outing me.

>> it looks good on him.

>> that's his camping outfit.