TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Snowden drops bid for asylum in Russia

Russian president Vladimir Putin had offered Snowden asylum but on the condition that he agreed to stop leaking U.S. secrets. Snowden has dropped his bid for asylum there. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>> accused nsa leaker edward snowden is a man without a country this morning. he's still in moscow so far with nowhere to go and now he's lashing out at the obama administration. jim is in moscow. so jim, is his bid for asylum in russia on or is it off.

>> reporter: it was on but now it appears to be off. he did apply for asylum on sunday but on monday vladimir putin said snowden could only stay here if he stops with his leaks. he has reconsidered and withdrawn his request. meanwhile he has applied for asylum in at least a dozen other countries and in his first statement here snowden accused the obama administration as using citizenship as the weapon by cancelling his u.s. pass port but a spokeswoman denied that saying that snowden remains a u.s. citizen and america is willing to take him back.