TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Morsi: Egyptian army ‘threatening a coup’

NBC’s Richard Engel reports from Cairo, where he says “it feels like a new revolution could be underway” as opponents of Mohammed Morsi are demanding he be removed from the presidency.

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>>> on edge once again following days of unrest and now an ultimatum to the president. richard engle is in cairo. a lot of uncertainty there again.

>> reporter: good morning. a new revolution could be underway here. it was in this square two and a half years ago that they rose up and toppled the president and they are back protesting again now to remove the man that replaced him. the democratically elected president from the muslim brother hood. since morsi has been in power the economy is in shambles. there's frequent power cuts , unemployment is rising and instead of focussing on these national priorities, morsi has been trying to impose an islamic agenda. he does have his own supporters. they're planning on holding 50 of their own demonstrations today but what is new this time is the army is intervening and saying unless this crisis is revolved in the next 30 hours or so, the army will step in and impose it's own road map . what that means remains unclear but morsi says the army is threatening