TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Celebrate July 4 with award-winning BBQ ribs

Melissa Cookston, world champion barbecue pitmaster and owner of Memphis BBQ Co., prepares baby back ribs with a dry rub and barbecue sauce and turns an ordinary can of baked beans into something special.

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>>> is time for "today's kitchen." we're gearing up for good old finger lickin' southern bbq for your fourth of july celebration.

>> who better than the world champion barbecue master herself. that would be melace cookson. the owner of memphis barbecue company. restaurants in north carolina and mississippi. so nice to see you.

>> walking in this kitchen felt so good.

>> thank you.

>> what are we making?

>> well, first -- we southern women like our sweet tea so i made you --

>> what's in here?

>> big girl sweet tea .

>> what's in there? a little something.

>> it's sweet tea .

>> enough. that's delicious.

>> and it's delicious.

>> take us through the ribs.

>> we'll talk about ribs. these are loin back ribs. phenomenal. i'm going to give you quick, easy steps because barbecue can be so overwhelming to a lot of people. first thing is just take this off the back. take the membrane off. and when you do that you get lots of flavor through both sides of the rib. and then you want to put rub, which i developed this many years ago, but it is wonderfully complementary to pork. i start off with a little -- that doesn't go there just yet.

>> hoda cannot wait to get down there and sink into them.

>> put them on the smoker for five hours.

>> five hours. low and slow is great.

>> low and slow.

>> now when you take it out of the smoker, that's when you want to apply your salt. if you do it too quick it will caramelize and burn it. now --

>> now.

>> and you know, you can never have enough sauce. it's sticky. it's wet. it's good.

>> come on.

>> memphis -style barbecue is very sultry. a lot of great flavors melding in there. sweet with a little saltry heat. savoriness.

>> those are going to be ready. as soon as that sauce sets. it's going to take a few minutes.

>> now we'll do some baked beans . so i'm going to put onions, peppers in here with some bacon. who doesn't love bacon. bacon is a staple. going to let that saute up.

>> then just dump it in the beans?

>> we're going to dump that as well as some barbecue sauce .

>> thank you.

>> brown sugar . rub. and i'm going to put a little garl nick here later so it doesn't burn.

>> okay. we're going to try this while you are explaining whatever you are talking about.

>> we cannot wait.

>> that way you don't get all my secrets if you can't listen to what i'm saying.

>> oh, my goodness. that falls off the bone.

>> unbelievable. oh, my gosh.

>> that's so good.

>> memphis -style barbecue is definitely the best.

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