TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Doggie décor for your four-legged friend

Harrison Forbes, pet expert and contributing editor to, shows  off some luxurious finds to pamper your pet, from bunk beds and mini-sofas to drinking fountains and plush toys.

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>>> they are happy when you come home. always smothering you with kisses and love and snuggle up with you when you are sleeping.

>> enough about frank. clearly, we're talking about your -- all right.

>> your doggy. the ones you love. your fury best friend. why not give him or her the pampering everyone nels the house gets.

>> here with some luxurious ideas is the guy who knows how to create the perfect space . contributing editor to harrison forbes.

>> summer is moving season. all across america, people are looking for flas places. and did a study and found 83% of people have difficulty finding a pet friendly rental. do your research. once you find that great place we've got all this awesome stuff here to decorate it out. things that are super pet friendly.

>> like what?

>> we've got this house here for dogs to stay in. we've got couches. the spoiled rotten beds. i tell everyone, find out what your pet likes. some like to be enclosed. and some like --

>> cozy places.

>> some like to lay out in the open. so before you spend a lot of money, find out what that is and then spend the big bucks on something luxurious.

>> look at this tent, this teepee.

>> we have a bunk bed .

>> does he really sleep in it.

>> she loves this top bunk where she can look down on everybody. and then the bottom bunk is great for a dog that likes that cozy feel. here we have, this almost makes a great littl end table.

>> blake got in the bottom. blake got in the bottom. oh, my god.

>> you want to be here bambino.

>> they can have their buddies over.

>> it's a sleepover.

>> we've got this great dachshund. and a cat piggy bank .

>> they are loving that.

>> what is that move?

>> get your nose out of there.

>> that's what they do. they like it.

>> we always wonder why dogs drink out of the commode. the reason is because it's recirculating fresh water that's not stagnant. we've got two different fountains here. these recirculate the water through filters so it keeps it fresh. this is an indoor/outdoor. if you have a dog outside it keeps it nice and clean. same for the inside.

>> that's adorable. this is the pagoda fountain. it recirculates that air. keeps it nice, fresh and clean. so all these different neat fashionable ways to feed your dogs. these are great if you have a tall dog and they reach down and have trouble like the great danes or something.

>> what is he drinking? what's in this drink?

>> this is bowser beer for dogs. come on, it's a morning show. someone already grabbed one of the beers. you can poor this in the water. it flavors it a little bit and the dogs if they aren't big on drinking regular water. it's a nice cool novelty item .

>> how pricey are the items you have?

>> i think we'll be posting it on the television, but they go all the way from, you know, $100 down to $50 and some a little bit more. and lots of great choices out there.

>> i think you know these two guys right here.

>> there you have some -- this is custom pet canvas from canvas on demand part of cafe press. so you guys get to take that back with you.

>> thank you.

>> your dogs. so they can hang out. you may even want to put that in your office.

>> a couple items for cats here. smart toys for dogs and cats are the new rage because they found especially for dogs that live in a lot of apartments, being busy mentally fatigues them more than just straight exercise. so it's a great way if you are gone or playing with them if they have something busy to work on like this. it really will help them stay stimulated and not bored while you are working all day.

>> blake is strong.

>> these are some of the little scratch pads. we've got this for a little deejay for the cat there. scratch on that scratch pad. so a lot of different ways for them to keep fun in the apartment and in all the great decor that you can use to spice up a new space.

>> and everything is on our website. thanks so much.