TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

KLG, Hoda have a doggie playdate, talk celebs

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb bring their pups Blake and Bambino to visit the Fourth Hour, where Hoda shows off Blake’s new tricks. The ladies also discuss Paula Deen’s book publisher dropping the cook.

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>> and it's a rainy fun-day monday, july 1st here in our studio in new york. happy canada day to our friends up north. and happy bring your dog to work day , although it isn't. we did anyway. we decided -- well, there's a segment.

>> we're going to have a doggy decor segment. bam, look at that close-up. never met a camera he did not like. yep. and blake . they are meeting for the very first time today. and they like each other so far.

>> yes.

>> where are his eyes?

>> they're in there. look very close. one is bored, probably like our viewers right now.

>> i want to show you what i've taught blake to do. you ready? blake , you ready?

>> you were going to say sit. he already sat.

>> wait, come over here. blake , down. down. good boy. okay. wait blake . watch. roll over . watch. blake , here we go. roll over . okay. down. come on. come on. how about the down. okay, blake sit. good boy. that's it.

>> that's two more than bambino can do.

>> you did good. come here.

>> bambino doon eat and sleep. those two he's very good at.

>> tell me about your weekend.

>> started out last week. i've been trying to get to oxford, mississippi, for about three years since my very dear friends sam and mary haskell built a beautiful, beautiful home there. there we are at the sam and mary haskell theater at ole miss . sam was captain of -- you know, these people ghat o to their universities and it's like for the great years of their life and have a great impact. i think he was president of the school and all of that. he went on to be the head of worldwide television for the william morris agency . i met him when he was in the mailroom at the -- and he said -- and that's so many years ago. he said kath, one day i'm going to be an agent and you're going to be my first client. and that's exactly what happened. for 35 years he's been one of my dearest friends. his wife mary who is a sensational actress and singer and his daughter mary lane who is also -- starring in " hello dolly ." so i was able to do both things.

>> there they are right there. it was a terrific show. everybody was great. i love the south. i love this little town of oxford, so adorable. my favorite thing, i'm going to give it to you now because there's a chef there named john -- i think it's commerce. he owns four great restaurants. this one is called the big bad breakfast.

>> bbb.

>> lard have mercy. but it was named the top --

>> oh.

>> the top breakfast place in the country.

>> wow.

>> who is growling?

>> i don't know. i don't know. but anyway, hoda, you have to try it out some time. dolly parton was there last year.

>> bam is getting vicious. okay. we should point out that we're kind of in a hurricane. i don't know what happened. we've been sitting here. the show opened. was sprinkling. look at this tree behind us. look at that.

>> it's been crazy weather.

>> this is great. did bam just growl at my dog.

>> i'm not sure.

>> maybe it was his tummy. he's hungry.

>> okay. we've got to talk about -- i have to keep ging him treats.

>> pass one over, please. maybe he wants a treat. there you go. here you go sweetheart. now we've heard so much --

>> oh, doesn't care for your treats, thank you.

>> see if he growls again.

>> we don't want a fight. bambino.

>> stop it. you're doing it. that was --

>> she did it.

>> we heard so much about paula deen last week and all the different problems she was having, all the different sponsors dropping her and, you know, one wonders where this is all going to end for her. she's had the worst week of her entire life, i'm sure.

>> there were a lot of other things that happened this weekend. jennifer lopez was seen in turkmenistan and she was giving a concert there and apparently the president of this country was there. and it's known as an oppressive regime where they don't treat their people well.

>> torturing, that sort of -- fun stuff like that.

>> she sang " happy birthday " to the president who happened to be in attendance at this concert and she, you know, she basically they said, what were you thinking singing that song afterwards. and she apologized and said she didn't have any idea.

>> it wasn't for him. he was apparently at it. so she's coming under fire for that. her publicist says it was fully vetted no, problem. she got paid an enormous amount of money i'm sure for the concert.

>> alec baldwin , too, was, you know, at it again. safe to say when it comes to alec. describe what happened. he was in a war with a member of the paparazzi.

>> he went to gandolfini's funeral along with his pregnant wife hilaria. and i guess somebody then said that they were tweeting inappropriate tweets during this very moving -- apparently that was not true and he got in some sort of altercation with some guy who is a writer for the mail. i may be all wrong about this but these are the facts as i was told. and alec then wrote some pretty vicious tweets which he wants to do toward this guy. and accused him basically -- called him a -- i want to get it exactly right.

>> he made a gay slur.

>> all right. a gay slur.

>> why can alec baldwin make a gay slur and still have a capital one commercial and how can charlie sheen say all those thungs and do all those things and still have a hit show and jennifer lopez say she's story and how can everybody else .

>> where is the justice in all of this? there should be a one standard for everybody. and why is it that certain people are like teflon and nothing sticks and other people, they do maybe if she did do this one time 30 years ago, it doesn't seem to be quite equitable. martha stewart recovered. she went to jail and has been forgiven. chris brown , we all remember what happened with rihanna. a lot of those kinds of things. and america seems to be very forgiving. i'm just surprised, like we said last week that so many of her sponsors reacted very quickly before the facts were in.

>> i'm going to give my dog --

>> this is the extraordinary part. presales of her book supposed to come out in october are huge. they are through the roof because her fan base is really responding and supporting her. but now random house has decided not publish that book in october. she should self-publish and she'll probably make a ton of money that way. but the people are stick with her.

>> the thing i'm hearing more and more it wasn't the thing 23 years ago. it was the attitude of the south and the wedding and all that stuff. and i think you get it. and, but i do find it very interesting that every single person fled. and if you do look online she has a ground swell of support from other people. i'll be very curious to see how that one turns out. but you're right.

>> our point is, do you think it's fair that some -- look at bill maher . he came to paula deen 's defense. they say outrageous things for a living and no one seems to hiccup. so we're just trying to get behind the psychology. why is this unforgivable as opposed to everything else.

>> some people you see as bad boys . alec baldwin as always doing that stuff. charlie sheen as always doing that stuff. so when they do it again you go, there they go again.

>> is it right? is it fair?

>> that's a good question.

>> favorite things. i love this, by the way.

>> they have four great restaurants down there in that darling little town of oxford.

>> here's just a really quick thing. i like to -- we like to wear a simple dress because it's so easy. there's nothing else you have to worry about putting on.

>> except for your spanx.

>> these dresses are by muse. they start at $99. and i wear them all the time because they are multicolored. they are easy to wear. bobbie told me about them. i started going online. i just buy them online. and they are --

>> they are all adorable.

>> as high as $120, $130. they aren't outrageously priced.

>> okay, good.

>> and sara, what's yours?

>> hi. mine is i'm obsessed with this coffee called stumptown coffee . they roast it in brooklyn but it's out of portland. it's one of those coffees, even though i use cream and sugar, i have kind of gone to almost drinking it black because it's that good.

>> it's sweet in nature. it's not sweetened, right?

>> you know how sometimes coffee can be so bitter and strong. this has a very smooth taste.

>> all righty.

>> love it. all right.