TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Miranda Cosgrove returns in ‘Despicable Me 2’

The young actress discusses her returning role as one of the character voices in the animated sequel, and shares details of her new life as a college student at University of Southern California.

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>>> it's hard to believe the little girl who played icarly on nickelodeon's long-running show is all grown up now. not only is miranda cosgrove a college student but she's still making movies.

>> she returns as margo in "despicable me 2." margo and her sisters try to sign dad up for a little online dating . take a look.

>> you need to choose a picture.

>> no. scary. weird. ah!

>> what is that?

>> good morning, girls. i have an announcement to make.

>> what celebrity do you look like?

>> bruce willis .

>> no.

>> humpty-dumpty.

>> oh --

>> what are you doing?

>> we're signing you up for online dating .

>> oh, okay. what? no, no, no, no, no.

>> miranda is here with us. that first one made $500 million. i wondered if there would be another one.

>> yeah, it's pretty exciting they decided to make another. i just saw it for the first time recently in australia. they had the first premiere there.

>> it was a worldwide hit for sure.

>> doing your character, we saw that steve carell changes his voice a lot. did you have to do anything to enhance, change your voice to make it fit the character a bit more?

>> i'm younger, obviously, she's like 13 in the movie. i just tried to make my voice sound a little younger and then it's obviously not such a crazy voice like what steve carell does. i thought that would be fun to do a crazy voice like that.

>> you guys aren't together at all when you are doing this. you do your bit, he does his separately. is that a weird dynamic?

>> it is. with animation you're just by yourself in a little booth and when you see it for the first time it's kind of a surprise to everyone.

>> you have your director there. and the producers are all around. always done by committee. they ask you to do a line like ten times a different way and that kind of thing.

>> it's cool. they let you improv. do it this way three times and do whatever you want . have fun with it. so it's pretty cool.

>> how much of it ended up in the movie?

>> i felt like a lot of those ended up especially with the youngest little girl . she just says the cutest things all the time. everything she says is good.

>> so you are in college. how do you balance that all out with your workload and your school work ?

>> and frat parties and all your drinking and --

>> my son just graduated. it's a dangerous place.

>> not going to lie. it's really fun. i like college a lot. you need to go to football games and just having the whole college experience.

>> do you have an any anonymity or do all the kids say, oh, my god, it's you.

>> i didn't know a single person when i first started there. in many ways it helps me. people will come up and just introduce themselves or be nice. so in a way it helps.

>> what are you studying?

>> i want to major in film. so i'm taking a lot of film classes. i really want to do screenwriting. i love steve carell and kristen wiig in the movie.

>> it got one of the best schools for that in the whole world. what about your love life ? dating any football players?

>> i'm not dating any football players. if you know any --

>> actually, i have a 23-year-old one. but his girlfriend would kill me.

>> we wish you good luck with this movie.

>> thank you.

>> all the best.

>>> "despicable me 2" hits theaters july 3rd . and benjamin bratt , her co-star, he'll be here later in the week. he's got a great part.