TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Kids think mom should be Fan of the Week

Melissa Roberts from Oak Ridge, N.C., is the Fourth Hour fan of the week for constantly tweeting her friends about the show. Even her kids vouch that she is Kathie Lee and Hoda’s No. 1 fan.

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>>> it is fun-day monday. that means time to surprise our fan of the week.

>> we can't wait to hear who the lucky winner is, sara.

>> who is it? who?

>> our winner is melissa roberts. from north carolina . wxii channel 12 . we have her on the line.

>> hi, melissa .

>> hi.

>> what a beautiful blond you are.

>> thank you. i'm actually getting my color done now.

>> how do i know these things?

>> congratulations, hon.

>> thank you so much.

>> i want to -- before we tell you what you've won, we want to let everyone know why you were chosen. melissa says her mornings are the time to relax and chill out. she spends time with the fourth hour. she can't miss the talk because it gives her her fix of the ladies. she also likes the buzz and constantly texts her friends about what we're discussing. even her kids believe she's kathie lee and hoda's number one fan. so, melissa , are you ready to hear where we're sending you?

>> i am.

>> you and a guest will be jet setting to aruba .

>> stop it.

>> you'll enjoy four-night stay in a garden view room at the aruba marriott with gorgeous views, pools and spas. you'll really get to chill and relax because the resort is just steps from the beach. hotel and airfare provided by aruba marriott resort. so what do you think, melissa ?

>> oh, my god. it looks like fun.

>> i'm so excited. thank you.

>> do you know who you're going to take?

>> probably my husband.

>> probably a good choice.

>> probably.

>> okay, great, honey. thank you so much.

>> i'm sorry, blake is eating