TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Will Paula Deen join ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Bonnie Fuller, editor-in-chief of, and Roseanne Colletti of NBC’s “Gossip Gram” dish on all things Hollywood, including rumors of Paula Deen being asked to join ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

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>>> we are back on this fun-day monday with more of "today." we're making it a fun day because we have all the hollywood buzz you might have missed while you were enjoying the weekend.

>> bonnie fuller is the editor in chief of and roseanne colletti . they are here with all the dish to scoop up. let's talk paula deen .

>> nice to see you, bambino.

>> now let's talk about paula deen . there's a rumor that she may think about joining " dancing with the stars " on abc.

>> that's true. the rumor is out there. a lot of other celebrities who have had difficult periods have gone on and sort of redeemed themselves.

>> has it worked?

>> it has worked. look at bristol palin. she made homophobic remarks and made very popular on " dancing with the stars ."

>> paula deen even said she was asked in 2010 to be on. she said i have catfish arms and a muffin top .

>> that's why people love her because she says stuff like that.

>> do you think we'll see more of her?

>> it's not the end of it for sure. she'll come back whether it's on " dancing with the stars " or not. she's got a lot of fans. she's done a lot of good work with charity that people don't know about. she has apologized over and over .

>> why aren't we accepting her apology and why are we not letting other people just get away with bad behavior all the time with no repercussions?

>> i think perhaps you don't expect it from a sweet faced, soft spoken woman such as paula deen . when somebody who has been out there who has a record or a history of saying things they shouldn't say, you go, oh, here they go again. but i think that was the shocker. but she's been very apologetic.

>> let's talk kim and kanye. we've heard kanye did not want the little baby to have any kind of tv exposure, magazine exposure. now there may be a different story happening?

>> he doesn't want his little princess northwest exposed. however, apparently they are considering a $2 million offer that's out there. it may be "people" magazine. and the thing is they want to give the money to charity if they do it.

>> which i think is a good idea.

>> i read somewhere they may reveal the cover on kris jenner 's new show. is that a wrinkle?

>> pushing for that.

>> sounds like it would be a smart thing to do for the first episode. thangets

>> they kill two stones at once. make everybody happy.

>>> so the b.e.t. awards always make some news.

>> and they made news even before they started because people were calling it the drake show. he had 12 nominations. and then what does he do? he cancels at the last minute.

>> why?

>> because of chris brown and the fight they had last year and they don't get along and they were fighting over rihanna.

>> they are both in the same business. they'll be at the same event.

>> did he win?

>> he did. he did win three awards. and chris had one. now the thing is we heard at it was about the rivalry. maybe what bugged drake was that chris was opening the show. he did do a great performance. he did not show up with rihanna.

>> how about --

>> hoda, hoda, hoda --

>> by the way, i picked it way before.

>> weeks before.

>> before anyone thought it was hot. he's so cool.

>> there were great performances.

>> miley and liam. what's going on with them?

>> i just want her to get a new look.

>> that's part of the problem. liam is having a tough time with miley's new sexed up image.

>> he fell in love with the other girl, right?

>> according to him, she jiggles too much and wears too little.

>> it's just that's his woman is his attitude.

>> she says she's trying to be an artist and she doesn't tell him what to do.

>> that's the thing. she looks at what she's doing as a character. a character to sell her new image and her new songs. he does characters, too.

>> what topped the box office before we go?

>> surprise, right?

>> it was "monsters university."

>> again.

>> but "the heat" that was the big surprise that it did $40 million. it did fantastic.

>> lots of women and lots of kids.

>> we expected that " white house down" to do better because it's such a fun popcorn summer movie.

>> yeah, it did, i think, about $25 million. it was a disappointment with channing tatum and jamie foxx . but women went out for women this weekend.

>> lone ranger coming out this week. is it going to do well?

>> it's getting a lot of buzz and press. johnny depp looks like he'll be the star of the show. you have to say with that tonto character.

>> i've seen it. don't you be so sure. armie hammer is right up there with