TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

TODAY fans compete in ‘Ninja Warrior’ course

Thousands have tried to tame it, but only three have ever conquered the “American Ninja Warrior” course, the most difficult obstacle course ever created. Matt Iseman, who will be hosting “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC, puts a couple of TODAY viewers through a mini version of the course.

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>>> it is said to be the most difficult obstacle course ever created. thousands have tried to tame it but only three ever conquered it. none of them american. tonight on nbc , the world's most elite athletes will take on new challenges to find the first american ninja warrior.

>> and the host is here with them picked from our crowd to compete in our own obstacle course coming up in a little bit.

>> they're brave souls.

>> there it is.

>> start warming up. for those that have not seen the show yet and are not aware of the competition, how does it work?

>> it started out as the whole concept was a japanese show and we're going to build the world's most dfilt obstacle course and open it up to everybody. it took off here in america and this is our 5th season , second on nbc where we opened it up. we're traveling around the u.s. looking for the best competitors to bring them to las vegas where we recreated it and let them look at the course and hope somebody can get through it.

>> what makes this the toughest obstacle course in the world.

>> well, not this.

>> the one on the show.

>> the challenges. your husband is a huge fan.

>> loves the show.

>> pull up on a bar and propel yourself another foot pulling the bar with you.

>> it's crazy.

>> you have to do it about five times.

>> these athletes train year round for it. it's incredible. i tried. i failed miserable.

>> he's a huge competitor of the show. can you tell us how he does.

>> i'm sworn to secrecy but fans will not be disappointed.

>> you mention his girlfriend kacie.

>> relationships are built by this show. people find love on american ninja warrior.

>> they're passionate. they're very passionate.

>> we want to get involved here and when i say we, i mean them.

>> you are getting involved.

>> this is a miniversion.

>> tell them what they're going to do first.

>> jump rope 5 times, clear and through the --

>> through the tires.

>> and then to the archery portion which we don't have on american ninja warrior but i like it. they'll be shooting nerf arrows.

>> a little hunger games.

>> all right. we're going to put a minute on the clock right now and go.

>> jumping rope is usually something that's so easy but under the bright lights.

>> okay.

>> wow, wow.

>> stand back.

>> i think we were figuring out --

>> it's the nerf version that makes it harder.

>> that was a good try.

>> come on jay.

>> he's close to willie.

>> are you sure this isn't for lefties.

>> the clock is ticking down, guys.

>> oh.

>> they --

>> good try.

>> for speed she's got --

>> it's the difficulty of american ninja warrior.

>> i think we have a winner.

>> i think we have a winner. you drilled willie.

>> you're the winner. come on back guys.

>> come on down.

>> thank you.

>> thank you guys.

>> thank you. american ninja warrior airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc . this is