TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Study: 64 percent of workers check email on vacation

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales chat about some topics making headlines today, including a new study that reports that more than half of workers check their email during time off.

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inside studio 1 -a i'm willie geist with natalie morales . al has the day off.

>> welcome back. you came back from vacation. you spent time in hawaii.

>> we did. we went from the grand canyon where we watched a man walk the tight rope.

>> you would think that would be the best of the best right there.

>> yeah.

>> but then you got to spend lovely time with your wife.

>> i did. it was our 10th anniversary last month. it was a postponed 10th anniversary -- no kids, there she with the fellows -- getting close with the guys there.

>> you're okay with that.

>> if you ever go, you have to go. you sit and have a drink and watch the sunset. umbrella drinks.

>> you were on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink. you lived up to that.

>> it was called the lava flow . it was incredible.

>> beautiful.

>> we're just doing a photo gallery of umbrella drinks.

>> why not.

>> you had a big weekend too.

>> i did. a little shout out to the school in madrid spain, we had a reunion on coco beach. as you look at all your pictures from the 80s, if there's one thing we all came away with, thank goodness we all look better.

>> do you think that's true?

>> i think it's the style and the fashion back then in the 80s, wow. wow.

>> the hair, the whole thing.

>> although some of that is coming back now. the washed jeans and we're reliving the old awful days of the 80s.

>> does everybody show up for that one.

>> no, it was more just a lot of people who are here but scattered across the u.s. but it was great. it was about 40 people all together from 5 or 6 different classes. grade levels .

>> fun.

>> we had a great time. it was a lot of fun.

>> we were both sort of away on vacation.

>> semi.

>> has work ruined our vacations? there's a new study by a technology company finding bosses are ruining vacations. 54% say their boss expects them to work while on vacation. 64% of workers say they check e-mail on vacation. it helps to ease their return to work after the time off.

>> did you check? you check in. we always check in as a journalist you have to know what's going on. it does make your life easier when you are able to come back and say oh i got that e-mail or i say that note. i see what's happening.

>> right.

>> the transition is easier.

>> everything is on one device so if i'm looking online or reading the newspaper or something well my e-mail is there too. so you're constantly checking. i try not to bring it out to dinner and things like that.

>> but i feel like everyone now -- it is sort of required. when you go away, you don't really go away from work. you have to be connected at all times.

>> right.

>> and now, people expect you to respond to their e-mails. did you get this e-mail?

>> right.

>> there's no such thing as being on real vacation anymore unless you're in a place where you don't get e-mails.

>> we have to find that place.

>> they have e-mail.

>> they're very well connected over there. you can't walk into work on monday morning and say what's going on in the world.

>> what did i miss?

>> speaking of, j. lo is in trouble after singing happy birthday to a dictator over the weekend. she performed a concert in turkmenistan. it's part of the former soviet union saturday night where she was honored by the country's president and sang to him on his 56th birthday. the u.s. state 's department latest human rights report about the country says it has an government controlled by the president. human rights watch says the former soviet republic government is one of the most repressive in the world.

>> and from her camp, they say it had been vetted that, you know, they did not know at this time, they had no knowledge of human rights issues of any kind and had they had that jennifer would not have attended. i'm just wondering what kind of vetting did they do, if you google turkmenistan or google what's happening there, this comes up.

>> she takes responsibility ultimately and did in a statement but she has people around her, could someone least look into this before they book her.

>> so many celebrities, beyonce, they celebrated birthdays and come into the same trouble and you would think their people would be more into checking out before i make the 1.4 million or whatever, should i at least do a little due diligence first and find out what's going on in that part of the world.

>> blinded by the pay check. in 2011 it was hilary swainnk. she had to apologize for going to a birthday party for a leader. 50 cent all did concerts connected connected to him.

>> how do you sing happy barth day to him.

>> you have his name. gurbanguly berdimuhamedow .

>> i'd just call him gurbanguly.

>> researchers found spending time with your friends makes you happier actually than spending time with your family. they recorded the moods of r50 thousand people over -- of 50,000 people over 3 years. moods improved by more than 8% when the people were with friends. 5.9% with their partners. happiness levels rose by 1.4% when they spend time with their children.

>> children and spouses can add stress to your life as we know.

>> i guess so. but don't you feel like when you're with your kids you're at your most relaxed generally?

>> most relaxed? i would say no.

>> generally speaking.

>> no.

>> or your most natural.

>> you've been away from your kids for five days.

>> when you go on vacation without your kids aren't you relaxed?

>> you still have the vacation glow.

>> i came back from being with my kids 24 hours , last 48 hours , but no absolutely, kids bring a lot of spirit and life and they make you have more fun in life but sometimes they can add to the stress level, especially when you're on a flight and they're melts down.

>> this is true. depends on how old the kids are. if they're 2 or 3 you have a problem. having sex raised the mood by 14% while being sick reduced the moods the most by 20%.

>> that's not a shock there.

>> are you lying to impress? 1 in 3.

>> admit it.

>> are pretending to know a news story to impress someone else . 56% of adults believed they were more knowledgeable about current events than their friend buts no be more well informed, people lie.

>> how many times are you at a party and somebody says did you see the -- whatever sporting event and i'm like yeah, yeah, no idea and i'm secretly googling like what did i miss?

>> well, it's your job to know about the news natalie.

>> well, sporting events , like sports, forget it.

>> i like the one where people throw it out there and hope the other people have the details. so this thing in syria, huh? and they don't say anything after that.

>> it just hangs.

>> and you're like yeah, about it.

>> crazy what's going on over there.

>> throw it out there and let the other people pick up the pieces .

>> so i think we all lie a little bit.

>> certainly. i think, you know, we have all been guilty of pretending we know more that we don't. many times.

>> sad newscaster for today show , natalie morales .

>> going to quote me from now on. i'm being honest here.

>> this say good time for the weather.

>> are we mapping our honesty points too?

>> what are you logging? is that a smiley face .

>> it's all emoticon face.