TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Royal-inspired baby gear, memorabilia arrive

In honor of the upcoming birth of Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s first child, businesses and brands are creating royal baby-themed products. Carley Roney of shares some of the best buys on the market.

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>> it's good we're working with small children in this segment. this morning's royal edition we're getting closer to the due date for the dutchess of cambridge. they have created royal themed products before the big day .

>> the founding editor of the has must haves fit for royalty but not at royal prices. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> so we're starting to see people like decorating with this theme in mind thinking i may not have a future heir to the thrown but may as well feel like it.

>> it's a hot trend. prince and princesses always have been but right now -- these also make good gifts. one of the design trends is rich victorian style furniture. you can see the dark and carved. that's what they have at the palace.

>> very royal .

>> so it's a beautiful piece. you can see all of our nursery and then with your baby announcements, it will be fun to have a royal theme. these are from etsy and you can get them framed and give them to the grandparents and these are fun to hang in the nursery as well.

>> what is the rule, how soon do you get the baby announcements out?

>> right away and here's a tip, get that list organized in advance of having a baby because as you well know you don't want to be doing that once that baby is born.

>> definitely not.

>> these are not royally priced. they're all affordable.

>> these are all affordable. this one is really amazing. just thro just flown in from england. it's a commemorative set and makes a fun keepsake and fun for key parties later.

>> silver baby rattle.

>> that's a classic gift.

>> absolutely. it's from and great for babies to chew on as well and coming over here, i love these. it's a famous picture actually of the royal gentle men, harry and will on these rocking horses so these are amazing. they're just adorable. you saw just a second earlier the kids on them.

>> beautiful.

>> and now the royal theme, taking care of your nursery, with your crib, you're going to want to have a lot of linens but if you are more modern themed a way to do it is the fun english themed pillows from the companies up there, naked decor and they're fun, you can do just like with the english flag , the union jack and they come in all different colors.

>> just not in the crib with the baby at the same time.

>> not in the crib.

>> now i love these onesies. they're the cutest.

>> these are from a company called magnificent baby.

>> so cute.

>> but it's magnetic. if you have any help, these are great.

>> easy to get on and off.

>> easy to get on and off. they come in an adorable print with little crowns on the bottom.

>> okay.

>> let's get to our prince and princess over here.

>> these are the costumes.

>> turn around.

>> these are these adorable costumes. you don't want to leave out the big brother and sister.

>> so cute.

>> and they each come not only with the costume but also with a doll. so they can really -- look at that. aren't they cute.

>> do you like those?

>> so they can pretend and dress up while -- when your royal baby is born this summer.

>> you're pretty as a princess and you as handsome as a prince.