TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Weekend’s hot searches: Death Valley, Harry Potter

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg reveals what users were searching for over the weekend, including Death Valley, where there was an intense heat wave over the weekend, and Harry Potter, due to the books’ new covers.

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>>> many americans are getting a jump start on the 4th of july plans over the weekend, a lot of you were searching for hot topics.

>> from the oppressive heat to the "the heat" in theaters, daniel has a round up of notable searches.

>> that's probably a big search today too, right.

>> yes, exactly.

>> you win the award. death valley . a lot of people were looking for weather records this weekend and certainly a lot on the books in death valley .

>> and as we look ahead to hot temperatures again, people wondering are we going to break the all time record of 134 degrees. going back to 1913 . people are curious to see not just the highs, it puts it all in perspective for us this week but the lows, 95, 96, that's crazy even at night.

>> overnight lows in the high 90s.

>> yikes.

>> speaking of the heat, a different kind of heat in movie theaters . melissa mccarthy , people searching for her.

>> hot movie, from the heat to "the heat." a hot actress and more people want to know about her career perhaps, the movie doing well. second at the box office . she hosted a repeat performance of saturday night live that got a lot of ratings. she is on the rise and people want to see skits.

>> she is hot right now.

>> okay. now harry potter . we all know they have millions of fans but what they were looking for.

>> the seven books are getting new covers. new art work as part of the covers. this tying to the 15th anniversary of the books release. we have the first four that fans can get a look at and others will be rolled out overtime.

>> our last one, you never needed a reason to search for alyssa milano but there's a new cover.

>> yeah, a kids cover to a more adult oriented cover. people know her from her days on "who's the boss." she is now 40 so people want to see what does she look like.

>> she looks good.

>> she looks good. she is in a new show and you want to check her out.

>> she looks good on that cover. i'm sure you checked it out willie.

>> that's the first i've seen it.

>> i'm sure.

>> research, exactly.