TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Belgian restaurant suspends diners at dizzying height

For a unique dining experience, restaurant patrons in Brussels are heading to a wildly popular spot that suspends diners high above the city. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski gives the high-flying meal a try.

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>>> do you ever dream about flying? how about dreams of a gourmet meal in europe? the next time you can make both dreams come true at once. here's michelle kosinski .

>> reporter: how do you get to know a new city? get down into the streets, explore, sample the food, however there is a way to do things a little bit differently.

>> wow. i feel like i'm on a roller coaster. hopefully not.

>> okay everybody. are you ready?

>> reporter: this might seem a perfect way to lose your lunch. suddenly we're rising high above the city.

>> they warn you when you get on be careful not to drop anything over the edge . luckily there's no one below us, sort of.

>> reporter: the view below, yes, dizzying.

>> sort of outdoors window.

>> reporter: in front of us, promising. two chefs, also strapped in, each with two stars whipping up incredible imaginative food once you get the liquid courage . i'm not sure what is weirder, looking up and seeing the tiny cable holding us or looking down at the ground.

>> does the thing rotate in the wind, absolutely. are there bathroom breaks? no way. but the concept has taken off, now in 47 countries. as you might imagine, their insurance costs are sky high . so here the cost to you is about $350 a person.

>> after awhile, it just feels good. it feels very free but not too free.

>> reporter: it all makes for some of the strangest views and pictures you'll ever get from a slightly boozey lunch in the air aristot aristot aristot air. for today, michelle could skosinski, the sky above brussels.