TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Cher: Performing live again was ‘frightening’

For the first time in a decade, Cher is about to release a new album. She talks to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about hitting the studio and the stage again after a long hiatus and her relationship with her son, Chaz, and makes a special surprise announcement.

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>> with cher . for the first time in a decade she is about to release a new studio album and we sat down last night to talk about her life and her career.

>> do you think about the fact that you have been in this business now almost five decades.

>> would you think about that?

>> do you reflect on it?

>> never.

>> but do you ever think that's it? for example, you went on tour in 2002 and you were saying that's it. that's the fair well tour.

>> yes.

>> is it the farewell tour ?

>> probably not.

>> in fact, at age 67, cher is out with new music, a new album out in september and debuted her new single woman's world on nbc's the voice.

>> you haven't performed live in how long?

>> four score and seven years ago.

>> was that nerve racking.

>> yeah it was frightening. i tried to explain this to my mother. she said sweetheart what's the matter? it's so easy and you have done it all your life.

>> this is how it goes. in three minutes i'm either the greatest reincarnation of myself or i'm get yourself to a home you're too old.

>> people loved you.

>> yeah.

>> they loved your wig.

>> yes, well not everybody.

>> whatever that was.

>> my friends said it was my 4 h chicken. i thought it was beautiful. i'm not going to make any apologies for it. art is supposed to provoke conversation and it did what it was supposed to do.

>> you have something exciting to announce about the "today" show.

>> you announce it. i just heard it as i walk there had through the door.

>> i'll tell you, you're getting up very early in september.

>> yes.

>> are you a morning person.

>> no, we both know i'm not. i went into this business so i could work at night.

>> the show starts at 7:00 a.m .

>> i'm going to have to stay up all night. just roll in and make up and not pjs.

>> this is not something you have done before. anything we can provide? coffee, donuts.

>> a stretcher.

>> it's interesting because if you look at the arc of your career, there's a time when we feel like we're seeing you all the time --

>> then i go away.

>> you go away.

>> i'm too hot. i'm taking off my shoes.

>> i'm taking mine off too because they hurt.

>> it's too hot.

>> all right. so you kind of go away.

>> yeah.

>> what happens during those periods.

>> i just goof off.

>> what does that mean?

>> i see my friends, go to the bahamas, i learn how to paddle board and go hiking, go to nepal, things.

>> is it about not being cher .

>> cher . it's very difficult to get away from her. she is such a horrendous bitch that follows me everywhere.

>> last night he head lined the gay pride celebration following a historic week for them everywhere.

>> what did you think about it.

>> i think it's amazing. it should never have been a law or anything. a thought. shouldn't have been a passing thought.

>> but you have been pretty open about adjusting to and getting used to your own daughter's transition and you have been open about how that wasn't that easy at first.

>> no it was really difficult because it's hard for like 40 something years to have this little girl and then all of a sudden, and you get used to it and my pronouns. i screw up with my pronouns. but chaz cuts me slack. i'm old.

>> you two are in a good place, though.

>> yeah, i'm crazy about him and we are getting along better i think than ever.

>> so you made a few headlines recently.

>> i did.

>> did you hear it?

>> no.

>> you said that tom cruise was among.

>> yeah, i know that. i said it.

>> he was in the top 5 of your last lovers.

>> yes.

>> this only raises more questions.

>> well, it doesn't for me. i only care what i know. i only care what i have experienced and that's my experience.

>> well, i was just wondering, are we talking 5 or 1 or 3.

>> come on.

>> later if you want to know, okay but not now. no in the top 5 is enough.

>> is there anything interesting going on in your love life these days?

>> well, this is something have to say to you, the moment someone finds out about what's going on in my love life it's a nightmare. i have no privacy anyway, but i have no peace. have no privacy. it's difficult to keep an affair going. so i try to keep it down low as longs i can. so i'm not telling you.

>> she is so great right.

>> valiant effort savannah guthrie .

>> very nosey.

>> she was wearing her pjs. she said this is a morning show i'm wearing my pajamas.

>> but she is not wearing those in september.

>> no, we're so excited for her to perform on the plaza. we will remind you monday september 23rd , we're going to have a huge crowd. perhaps you should come tomorrow and camp out.

>> she will be legendary on the plaza. that's awesome.

>> she looks great and sounds great. looks like a lot of fun to hang out with.

>> she is a real charmer. totally unassuming. she has done everything and won every award and she is as nice as she can be.

>> if your cher , you can roll up to an interview in your pajamas, because your cher .

>> we didn't have cocktails later because i feel like i would have learned more.

>> we look forward to that