TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Jose Baez: I would not put Zimmerman on stand

Jose Baez, who formerly represented Detective Chris Serino, the lead investigator in the George Zimmerman case, comments on the trial, saying he doesn't believe it will be necessary to put Zimmerman on the stand.

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>> turn to jose baez. he is known for serving as casey anthony's defense attorney and also represented the lead investigator we were just talking about. good morning to you. it's good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> let's talk about your former client. i would assume he would be a good witness for the prosecution .

>> as you can see, as the trial unfolds, there's been very little criticism about the investigation and the specific work of chris. he did exactly what he was told throughout the course of the investigation and it became out right political.

>> i know you said as you look at this case, you look at the evidence in the case, do you think it's really the defenses to lose. why do you say that? what do you mean by that?

>> i think a first year law student could win this case with the evidence they have. that doesn't say that george zimmerman is innocent or guilt actua kcase to lose. however i have seen them do an excellent job with what little they have.

>> we do have testimony on the conflict. at one hand we see the prosecution witness who was almost turned into a defense witness saying it was george zimmerman on the bottom and tray trayvon martin on top and there's another witness that describes the opposite. if there's a conflict in the evidence like that, does the doubt go to the defendant? that's reasonable doubt .

>> it does if it's presented in that way. however, if it is presented in the way that the jury is supposed to find out who the initial ggressor was. that's the key issue. who was the one that started this fight? who was the aggressor? who was the one that made this completely -- this was a completely avoidable incident, who turned it into an unavoidable incident? and if the jury can reach that conclusion they'll either vote for guilty or not guilty.

>> one of the key witnesses we saw last week was rachel jeantel. some thought she wasn't a good witness and others thought the defense overplayed it's hand being too tough on cross. what's your take?

>> i agree. i think this person's testimony cuts both ways and it all depends on how this jury is going to look at it. now, these are six women who will either look at this witness as a very unsophisticated young girl who is, as we found out, illiterate thanks to the cross examination of the defense. now, if the jury looks at it from that perspective that the defense went a little too hard on her, it could have been a great turn off to that following up on that knock knock joke from the early opening statements wouldn't look good for the defense but the prosecution is doing an excellent job on keeping it together with what little they have and trying to put the piece of the puzzle right there for the jury.

>> jose i'm out of time but i'll ask you for a yes or no answer. would you put george zimmerman on the stand if you were his defense attorney .

>> no. i don't think it's going to be necessary, especially given the statements he already made.

>> we'll leave it there for now. jose baez, thank you