TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Snowden leaks more documents to German magazine

While still holed up in Russia, Edward Snowden set off a furor across western capitals over the weekend by leaking more secret U.S. government documents to German magazine Der Spiegel, revealing the NSA bugged European allies’ main offices in Washington, Brussels, and the U.N. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>> the hunt for ed in regard snowden . he is beginning his second week inside amos cow airport this morning. a new report tied to him reveals the nsa spied on leaders in the european union . jim is in moscow with the latest. jim, good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. edward snowden may have gone rogue inside the moscow airport but he is still making himself strongly felt on the outside. held up allegedly somewhere inside a vast airport transit zone which includes a number of 4- star hotel snowden dropped another bombshell over the weekend. leaking secret u.s. government documents to the german magazine revealing they bug main offices in washington hacking phones and e-mail. the leak set off furor across western capitols. they preparing a investigation.

>> are we enemies? are we not allies.

>> the u.s. government said the u.s. gatherers foreign intelligence just like any other nation. snowden whose u.s. passport was cancelled apparently decided to fly to ecuador . that is unlikely. he can't even consider the request until snowden reaches ecuador or it's embassies. it's up to the russian authorities if he can leave the moscow airport for an ecuador embassy.

>> putin is keeping him inside a no mans land and out of everyone's reach. he ruled out expediting the fugitive and that has triggered anger in washington.

>> they thumb our nose at us and we should deal realistically with vladimir putin .

>> but there is a lot of buzz here today with rumors that the visiting venezuelan president will be meeting with snowden and could even fly him out of the country on his presidential plane and back as early as tomorrow. so willie, stay tuned and back to you.