TODAY   |  June 30, 2013

The Golden Sisters’ antics win them reality show

Entering the golden years doesn’t mean slowing down. Three sisters in their 70s and 80s have the world falling in love with them since Oprah gave them their own show on her network. NBC’s Ben Aaron reports.

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>> from the bronx in their 70s and 80s and thanks to their outrageous antics captured on camera, the world is falling in love with them. nbc's ben aaron has a look.

>> reporter: remember these golden girls .

>> you come to me if you want advice on men. you go to dorothy if there's grammar you want help with.

>> reporter: well, another set of golden ladies is in town, and they're spunk iier than ever. meet the golden sisters . mary , josie, and teresa.

>> so, they said do you have anybody in your family that we could meet? and i said, i have two jerky sisters .

>> get out of here.

>> two loving sisters .

>> reporter: with mary in her 80s and her twin sisters not the too far behind, they run a successful hair salon .

>> you are point iing the wrong way. there you go.

>> reporter: it wasn't until a video went environment of them watching kim car dakardashian's sex tape and dishing out advice to twitter followers that the three sisters shot to fame.

>> kim got famous doing it. we got famous watching it.

>> she learned a lot.

>> yeah, i did. i got an education.

>> reporter: and one powerful person was paying attention to the sisters . how did you get your own show on oprah's network?

>> a miracle. a total meiracle.

>> reporter: born into a large italian family in the bronx the three sisters have is always been close.

>> we go gambling, we go to vegas.

>> i run the salon.

>> we go horse racing .

>> but we call each other every single day.

>> this one calls me up five minutes after she called me up, what's new? will you shut up? i talked to you five minutes ago. nothing is new.

>> and we give each other advice.

>> reporter: something the sisters can't get enough of.

>> the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. you have to being coo. that's italian, right? it's not true. it's in the bedroom.

>> reporter: that's it?

>> don't get married before you're 25.

>> i wouldn't say that. that would be my advice. when you're in love, get married.

>> please, mary .

>> shut up.

>> reporter: you know what they say, it's never too late to start looking for love. you're single.

>> i've been single a year but i'm not looking for anybody.

>> she is, too.

>> get out of here.

>> reporter: you're not dating? is it.

>> not at all, honey, no. how about i'll throw out celebrities in their 70s and you tell me which one you would date.

>> robert redford yes.

>> no, not anymore. yes, oh, yes. yes, yes. oh, my god, i would love to date him.

>> reporter: what's your type?

>> jack nicholson .

>> reporter: for all their bickering, the girls have a sensitive side.

>> i get very scared when she doesn't feel good.

>> they call and i don't answer, i'm in the tub, i have to run out soaking wet, yeah, i'm still alive.

>> reporter: alive and well and feeling blessed about where they are in life.

>> the best thing getting old, you learn you don't have to worry that much because in the past anything you ever worried about turned out okay.

>> reporter: so as my day with the golden sisters came to an end i realized there are a few keys to being happy in life. laughter, love, and a little help from oprah.

>> what are you going to do with what you learn? nothing.

>> you never know.

>> they are hoots.

>> they are great.

>> you know what's so comforting? the relationship you have with your siblings when you're little is never going to change. you hear her, these are my two jerky sisters . that's what i used to call my brothers. it's so great. it's real.

>> it's love.

>> really genuine.

>> and they know you better than mib. that's the best part.