TODAY   |  June 30, 2013

How to find a lost phone on silent

There are some tech trends that every consumer needs to know about, like an app that tries to predict the user’s wants and desires, a gadget that taps into the cable box at home and the solution to trying to find a lost phone, even if its ringer is turned off. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews TODAY’s digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong.

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>>> this morng on mario's top three, new competition for siri, a gadget that lets you watch your dvr remotely on your phone and an app to help you find your misplaced phone even if the ringer is off. mario armstrong is here. good morning. great to see you.

>> likewise.

>> this idea, it's a competitor series and it knows what i want before i want it.

>> it has this contextual awareness. it knows where you are so it can give you information before you think you need it. it's called google now. this is available on a lot of android phones running the latest operating system but is an app on the iphone or ipad if you download it for free. as you can see here i'm looking at the weather. i'm looking at how much my commute time is to work. i can see my callen are darr, sports scores, even photos of things nearby and that's the most compelling thing. it knows where i am, it can show me restaurants and other things near my location.

>> but to do that it needs to know a lot about you so, once again, we're in this world where --

>> good point.

>> spilling all our information.

>> this is a really good point. so i use g mail, the g mail calendarses, the to-do list so a lot of my information is in google services so it's easier for them to predict or see what i have and where i need to be and give me that information.

>> the next thing you have, i'm an early adopter, swing box.

>> the whole idea is this little device that connects to your cable tv at home and your internet. you have this. you travel a lot. you know the benefit of it. the idea is that this connects to my home tv but while i'm on the go i can use my phone, my tablet, my computer to access my home television and watch that content at home.

>> and i use it as another tv, an ipad. in the kitchen. it's great it if you travel overseas. you can watch your shows, your local shows and whatever is on your tv.

>> it's awesome. you have all the remote things you need inside the swing box, look at the menu guide. i can flip through local channels. there's no subscription fee. you buy the box once. they start at $179. great for kids traveling for the summer n. a hotel $15.99 for a movie. i can access my dvr at home for free.

>> you have to leave and realize where is my cell phone ? i'll call my cell phone except i remember i turned the ripping eringer off.

>> sorry, honey, my wife does this to me once or twice a week. call my phone. call my phone. there's an app called sms alert. you download this for your android device but grab any other phone, text a particular key word to that phone and it will override the silent setting. i just went on ahead and sent a text message to the android phone which is hiding here on set.

>> right here.

>> is it making a noise?

>> did you know it was here? it's ringing.

>> answer. who is it?

>> does it say dismiss on the front?

>> i dismissed because you're right