TODAY   |  June 30, 2013

Mexico plane crash singer’s memoir published

Last year, the sudden death of Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera shocked the world when her plane crashed in Mexico. Thanks to Rivera’s family, the memoir she was working before she died is coming out this week. Telemundo’s Maria Celeste reports.

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>>> music fans around the world mourned the death of mexican american superstar jenny rivera when her plane crashed in new mexico. the artist sold out massive stadiums, she was on the verge ofs crossover fame and had been working on her memoir before she died. now that book is actually coming out this week. telemu telemunoz sat down if for an exclusive preview.

>> i think of all the people in her life you were probably the closest to her.

>> i would like to think so. i am blessed to be her little sister but along life we became really good friends. god made us sisters but our hearts made us friends.

>> reporter: friends and fans alike felt close to jenni who was always open about her personal struggles now detailed in her autobiography. why "unbreakable"?

>> if there's one word to describe this woman, my sister jenni rivera , she is unbreakable. she went through every diversity in life and through every one, she would smile, would find a way to get ahead and nothing ever broke her.

>> and you can see more of the interview tomorrow on "today" and also on our sister network telemundo. up next