TODAY   |  June 30, 2013

Hot enough for you? Cookies bake on car’s dashboard

Two guys from the National Weather Service harnessed the power of the sun and took advantage of the extreme heat wave scorching the western US to bake up some fresh cookies on the dashboard of their car. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> the heat in the southwest, it's so hot to work to the point people make these scientific experiments. two guys did this from the national weather service out in phoenix yesterday. it was 106 degrees at noon when they put cookies on the dashboard of the car. and as soon as the mercury crept up into the 116 range later on in the afternoon, they were done. we're told that they were baked through and totally tasted great. i don't know. would you eat cookies baked on the hood of a car?

>> no.

>> we live in south texas the.

>> that's how you cook cookies. it takes a little longer than a 350-degree oven but it works. lester?