TODAY   |  June 30, 2013

Egypt braces for more protests

Protests in Egypt have occurred around the country in the last few days, with more expected Sunday. The demonstrations come two years after former president Hosni Mubarak was removed from power, and some are hoping the current protests will unseat Egypt’s current leader Mohammed Morsi. NBC’s Aymen Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> massive demonstrations happening throughout egypt. jenna has more on that and the other top news stories.

>>> developing is right now tens of thousands of protesters are showing up across egypt calling for the ousting of president mohamed morsi. the crowds continue to grow. eamon, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, jenna . a very tense situation unfolding across the country. i'll step out of the way and show you twhaes going on outside the palace, dozens have gathered. this is one of dozens of protests expected to see large crowds throughout the day. security has been deployed a across key government installations and infrastructure, buildings all across the kcountry. that is because over the past several days there have been a lot of protestses that have clashed. you have two sides to these demonstrations. on one hand supporters of president mohamed morsi, mostly islamistss, say he is cheerily the legitimate democratically elected president of the country. he should remain in power. but at the same time across the country millions of the opposition have been calling on president morsi to step down. they say he has abused power in his first year as president of this country. it is going to be a very dangerous showdown between these two camps today. jenna ?

>> thank you very much.