TODAY   |  June 30, 2013

Record highs scorch the western US

Dozens of people have been hospitalized due to heat-related injuries in the high temperatures that are gripping the western U.S. Some cities have seen temperatures soar far past the hundred degree mark, while the heat continues. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> we do begin this morning with that extreme weather gripping the country at this point. there's the oppressive heat out west, heavy rain in the east. dylan is following it all for us. dylan, this is keeping you busy. oot it certainly is. and dozens of people already have be been hospitalized. so far with heat-related injuries, and we are still just in the middle of this dangerous heat wave . it doesn't really get hotter than this. california 's death valley . the dangerous heat isn't keeping tourists away.

>> so, of course, we have to come see death valley when it's 130 degrees.

>> not quite. the thermometer went as high as 126, just eight degrees short of the record. the temperature in phoenix climbed to 119 as the heat cranked up this weekend. this plane looked like it was about to melt. houston set a new record high for the day saturday of 107 degrees. back in california people are getting out of the desert and heading to the shore.

>> i work in lancaster and it was 111 yesterday. i told the family, we're going to the beach today.

>> the extreme heat adding to california 's tinderbox fire conditions. residents in the san bernardino mountains fled their homes when this blaze broke out.

>> so we grabbed us what pictures we could and the dog and left.

>> and more extreme weather across the country. heavy rain washed out a road in north carolina leaving people stranded.

>> we had people with medical issues and we can't get out. no one can get in.

>> and with summer storms, three children were injured by a bolt of lightning at a camp in indianapolis. one is in critical condition . so here's the setup we have in the southwest. an area of high pressure that's very dry, hot air just moving into parts of the southwest. no onshore flow expected anytime soon which is going to keep things extremely hot all the way through at least wednesday and most likely beyond. we have excessive heat warnings back through nevada into california and into arizona with heat advisories extending all the way up into washington, even seattle is under a heat watch as we go through the day today. look at our record high temperatures. most likely las vegas will break the old record of 115. we're looking at 115 in palm springs . 118 in phoenix today which would break the old record of 115. on the flip side of that, the east coast is dealing with this area of low pressure . it's not going to be a washout this week, but every afternoon and evening we are most likely going to see the chance of showers and thunderstorms and within some of those heavier downpours, areas especially down in the carolinas, could end up with about three to four inches of rain over the course of the next 72 hours . so really we're seeing two sides of the weather, the extreme heat in the southwest and all that rain on the east coast . lester?