TODAY   |  June 29, 2013

Woman gives birth during traffic stop

When Milwaukee police officers noticed a car speeding down the road they pulled the driver over, and found that the passenger was moments away from giving birth. “I was basically there, playing the catcher,” said one of the assisting officers. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> time to get pulled over for a speeding ticket . jenna has more.

>> when you are eight months pregnant, you don't like to hear stories of babies born on the side of the road . i now present a story of babies born on the side of the road . check out what happened in minneapolis.

>> it happened so fast.

>> reporter: she and her husband jumped in the car and headed straight to the hospital.

>> there is a lot of traffic. that's pretty much how we got stuck because of the traffic.

>> reporter: this baby was coming fast. he knew he had to hurry. as seen in the video, police spotted the speeding car. when the officers approached the car, they were shocked to find brenda moments away from giving birth.

>> we're delivering a baby.

>> a little bit of panic set in. they don't teach you this in the academy at all.

>> reporter: minutes later, the baby was born on the side of the road perfectly healthy.

>> i was playing the catcher.

>> reporter: the officers escorted mom and new baby to the hospital where she could enjoy her special delivery .

>> very crazy experience. i don't even know -- i don't know how i'm going to tell her when she's old enough.

>> i'm sure she'll enjoy that. tell me again.

>> you don't have a car, right?

>> i have a cab. i live a seinfeldian life. i have a fear i will be rushed to the hospital in a car, which i don't own.

>> you don't have to worry about the clean up. but, as i offered to you yesterday, one of my oldest friends in the world, heather, gave birth off exit 54 on 95 in connecticut. she survived, as a lovely 3-year-old.

>> what are you offering me?

>> it's okay. think of it this way, it would be quick if it happens in this car.

>> we'll have a good story for "weekend today." i'm all about the show.

>> can we have the exclusive on that?

>> lester want to chime?

>> i'm still thinking about you don't have to clean up the car.

>> great morning visual. enjoy your