TODAY   |  June 29, 2013

How effective are high-priced rehab centers?

The rich and famous spend thousands of dollars at ultra-exclusive clinics to get clean and sober, only to get in trouble again. So why are these treatment centers so sought after by celebrities, and does spending the cash guarantee better results? NBC’s Diana Alvear reports.

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>>> we hear a lot about celebrity rehab . a lot of times about celebrities going in and out, spending tens of thousands of dollars at a clinic, then they are back in again.

>> why are the treatment centers so sought after by the rich and famous? we have the story.

>> reporter: from the red carpet to rock bottom , so many celebrities that come to substance abuse, heading to rehab only to relapse axwan. checking into clinics that are like high end resorts. at $57,000 a month, promise in the malibu where britney spears , matthew perry and charlie sheen sought treatment has luxury treatment. the betty ford center near palm springs include keith urban , kelsey grammer and drew berry moor set you back $30,000 a month. the most notorious, lindsey lohan attended both centers and others. now the troubled actress is serving her seventh court ordered treatment at a boutique facility overlooking the pacific ocean .

>> it's a great place to meditate and forget about the external stres sors in your life and focus on yourself and healing.

>> reporter: for $68,000 a month, clients undergo detox and psychotherapy. they get a private room, three organic meals a day, a pool, a gym and an ocean view . i don't feel like i'm in a rehab facility here. i feel like i'm home.

>> that's what makes it special. you don't have a hospital, sterile environment.

>> reporter: does it acquire five star amenities?

>> when somebody walk sboos a treatment center on drugs and alcohol, they are looking for a reason to leave. here, we have gotten rid of all those reasons.

>> reporter: 95% of clients who get treatment stay sober. overall, a 70% success rate.

>> at what mark? is that six months, a year, forever?

>> brad is now an intervention specialist who works with treatment specialists.

>> if you bought into the promise one of these treatment centers has the magic pill, you probably need to pick up the phone and call someone else.

>> reporter: mckenzie phillips participated in celebrity rehab says luxury can't buy sobriety. if you don't have deep pockets, a no frills 12-step program can work as well.

>> the rules are the same for everybody. what you need to do to stay sober is the same whether you have $12 million or $1,000.

>> reporter: well known celebrity rehab success stories, robert downey jr . and demi lovato went to low key facilities. a room with a view awaits. for "today," nbc news, malibu.