TODAY   |  June 29, 2013

NSA leaker remains hidden in Moscow airport

American fugitive Edward Snowden has taken his low profile to a new level. A week ago he landed Sheremetyevo Airport's transit zone to take refuge, and no one has spotted him since. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>>> more leaks about the surveillance programs remains hold up this morning in moscow. we sent jim to look for him. good morning.

>> good morning. if this is his refuge behind me, where is he? passengers and staff said they would know him if they saw him and he could hide away indefinitely inside the airport but will he have to?

>> you know edward snowden ? no, you don't know him? have you seen this person? no? have you seen this person? american fugitive edward snowden has taken low profile to a new level. a week ago, he landed here and took refuge in the transit zone. russia 's president says it's a no man's land and they can't touch him.

>> do you think he can survive inside?

>> yeah, sure.

>> reporter: why?

>> it's a good terminal, that's why.

>> reporter: it has everything he needs?

>> yeah. money.

>> reporter: they have a hotel and numerous vip rooms. snowden is stuck. his u.s. passport canceled. ecuador and venezuela say they would consider political asylum , but no documents to get there. he may stay in russia longer. they have appealed for his asylum. they are invited snowden to help them investigate u.s. digital spying on russia . that could take months of hiding in an airport. it's a transit zone.

>> he's probably hiding in the bathroom.

>> reporter: his predickment echoes that of tom hanks in "the terminal" who is trapped for nine months at jfk after his homeland collapses. snowden is an alleged criminal charged with espionage. putin might use him for propaganda, he has no time for him.

>> an intelligence officer. a guy that deceived him from security.

>> reporter: some experts say if all the buzz is true and snowden hitches a flight back on tuesday, that could spell the end of this chapter, lester, but the beginning of a headache for venezuela.

>> remarkable story. jim, thank you.