TODAY   |  June 29, 2013

Peter the elephant tickles the ivories

An elephant at Thailand’s non-profit organization the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village has become an Internet sensation after a video of his turn at the piano hit YouTube. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports

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>>> billy joel , barry manilow , my mom and an elephant from thailand all have in common? check it out. yes. they all play piano. some of them better than tha guy. per the elephant is helping out with a rendition of "12 bar blews." i had to tell you that. you probably couldn't pick it up. the man playing with him is playing well. he's been playing music to elephants for awhile. they always enjoy it. now they can kind of play. i have been playing and listening to the piano, i haven't been playing, but listening since i was 5 years old and can't do squat on it.

>> keep the beat going.

>> i like it.

>> nice. that sounds like some kind of golden composition there.