TODAY   |  June 29, 2013

Dangerous heat wave scorches western US

High temperatures could set records across the western US, especially in the Death Valley desert, which may see temperatures rise to 130 degrees. Officials are reminding residents to drink plenty of water and stay in the shade. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>> we begin with the blazing temperatures scorching the western section of the country. mi seidel is in las vegas this morning. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. yesterday, we tied the record for june 28th of 115 degrees. here, just before sunrise , we are in the low 90s. it is not only unpleasant, it's dangerous.

>> drink water, drink it often, drink early, drink all day, stay in the shade.

>> reporter: those are words to live by this weekend in the desert southwest where thermometers hit triple digits and then some. air-conditioning is not a luxury right now, it's a necessity giving repairmen a run for their money. an air-conditioning cooling center is a good option. this is a pool. the life guards have to stay alert and make sure they don't lose their cool.

>> we actually freeze water bottles and sit against it.

>> reporter: the extreme heat is dangerous for four-legged friends, too. zoo animals are being watched closely. as for pets --

>> if i can't hold my hand to the ground for 15 seconds without extreme discomfort, it's entirely too hot for your dogs pads to walk on it.

>> reporter: parts of the east are getting soaked. severe thunderstorms in the eastern states with more on the wap. massive trees came down in virginia and maryland. heavy rain is believed to be the cause for this roof collapse at a car dealership. in new york severe flooding. so bad nearly a quarter of one town is under water. other people are left with a river of mud and debris.

>> it's a total loss for me because there's nothing in there that's going to be salvageable.

>> reporter: rescue dogs have been requested to search for the hardest hit areas. in the southwest they would like to see clouds and rain. over the next several weeks, the rio grande and mexico are expected