TODAY   |  June 28, 2013

Hot looks to keep your guy feeling cool

Sandra Nygaard, senior fashion director at Men’s Health magazine, shares great summer looks for men that will keep them comfortable in the heat with shoes, shirts, and even suits that are great looking and breathe.

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>>> does your guy need a little help in the style department? do you cringe when he gets dressed to go out with you at night? do you want to burn his favorite jeans or something snels well, fret no more.

>> we're about to show you some great looks that will keep your guy in style and keep him comfortable all at the same time. sandra is "men's health" magazine's senior fashion director. welcome back.

>> great to see you.

>> thanks for having me.

>> i saw cute guys downstairs.

>> the biggest challenge is for guys to look stylish and cool at the same time. the sweat factor. men's we have a lot greatest tips, including a story about performance wear that's making its way into everyday looks. stuff you might wear to the gym is finding its way into something you could wear to a wedding. quite incredible.

>> let's start off with the commuter look. we have ambrose coming out. tell us about his outfit.

>> well, when you think about commuters, they spend so much time on their feet. and here's a shocking fact. did you know that people on average sweat about half a pint of perspiration a day.

>> i know i do.

>> where does that water go? directly into the shoes. which can lead to all sorts of thing. ambrose is wearing a regular pair of shoes. they are $170 and they are very special pair of shoes. they have a leather upper, but what's really special about these on the bottom, there's a micromembrane.

>> can i see the bottom of the shoe?

>> it allows perspiration to escape. it comes out in the form of water vapor . so small you'd never detect it. but it also keeps water out. so if he steps in a puddle, he's not going to get wet.

>> very cool outfit.

>> and a jkl henley which is a new brand by matthew mcconaughey . everything is moisture wicking and wrinkle resistant.

>> thanks.

>> it keeps the moisture away from the body.

>> how about a weekend look. we have tyler coming out modeling for us. this is like a summer barbecue outfit.

>> even if you are going hiking or something with your girl, you want to look fresh. tyler is going to do that because he's wearing an l.l. bean shirt. it is ultra light. super absorbent. keeps sweat away from his body and there's a mesh line that you can't see inside the shirt that will allow cool air to go right up his back so the skin won't stick to the fabric. and let the cool air in. speaking of mesh, look down at his shoes.

>> we noticed. they're hard to miss.

>> he's got a pair of gdx shoes also mesh. they keep his toes really cool. thoers also $50.

>> thanks.

>> all right. next if we're going to a wedding, we want to see what ryan 's got on.

>> here's the great irony. weddings take place mostly in the hot summer months but the last thing a guy wants to wear is a suit and tie and his shirt.

>> unless you're ryan .

>> ryan is not going to sweat it because he's wearing a brooks cool shirt. $90. and it is made from ultra light cotton.

>> is it cool? feels good?

>> and so on the dance floor and stuff when you are out there shaking it?

>> as an added bonus --

>> oh, yeah! i knew there was a party animal somewhere.

>> when he takes his shirt off, when he takes his jacket off --

>> oh, freudian slip , end of segment.

>> oh, freudian slip .

>> when he takes his jacket off, he won't have to worry because his shirt won't be wrinkled. they are worried about the sweat and wrinkling that happens under a jacket. he's all set with brooks cool. also wearing a brooks cool suit. so he'll be doubly protected.

>> thanks, ryan .

>> how about if you are vacationing.

>> let's see what keith 's got cooking. come on out, keith .

>> so again, really hot when you are sightseeing.

>> oh, yeah. uh-huh.

>> attitude.

>> keith is wearing a uniqlo polo. it looks like a regular polo. it's got all these secret surprises in it. it's moisture wicking. it is ultra light and breathable as well. so you get all these added bonuses for a $20 shirt. you may as well go buy a couple of them in different colors. he's got shorts on which are moisture wicking. what i like about this outfit is the hat. a lot of guys when they think about wearing a hat they'll slap on a baseball cap . he's wearing a stylish fedora in a linen fabric so it's very breathable. as an added bonus, it also will protect his ears and back of his neck more than a baseball cap . it's really important.

>> before they leave the house.

>> thanks.

>> look at that smile.

>> we knew it was in there.

>>> finally, we have hugo . hugo , i've been waiting for him.

>> i'm sure you have. look what he's got on. not much.

>> hey.

>> everyone knows that it starts with a foundation. you have to have a cool foundation. hugo is in luck. he'll be cool for the summer because he's wearing calvin klein concept trunks. and they are very --

>> you try not to and you can't help it.

>> oh, thank god.

>> these trunks are $30. they are micro thin.

>> we're going to bring all our guys out here.

>> thank you everybody. thank you